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Rebuilt Transmissions with Torque Converters

Both high performance and standard edition transmissions have something in common. This similarity is from the torque converter. You can buy a used transmission and have it fail quickly. Most people are unable to test the converter prior to ordering a replacement gearbox. We’re one of few dealers online that are selling rebuilt transmissions with torque converters to all customers. This includes the Ford, Chevy, GMC, Jeep and Oldsmobile brands that you’ll find right here online. Each precision built transmission includes our top notch converter.

A transmission rebuild is what can save an average transmission from failure. Many car owners take a transmission into a repair shop when something is noticeably wrong. How much do transmission repairs cost? The costs vary in all states. The noisy clicking and other sounds that are usually evident in a bad gearbox could be the result of a converter that has failed. The turbine and stator are two of the biggest downfalls of most used gearboxes. The recycled transmissions for sale that we offer here are all custom built.

Automatic Transmissions with New Torque Converters

Manual transmission owners never have to worry about a failed converter. The clutch systems that are used with the stick shift gearboxes remove the need for converter functionality. Saving money on an automatic transmission is simple. You have to buy from a dealer that supports the products that are sold. We have excellent parts dealer relationships. This is how we can rebuild for such a low cost. While others can pay thousands for a rebuild, our customers pay considerably less for our expert work.

All builds that are found through our inventory come with completely rebuilt converters. The auto transmission units that are for sale here are inspected by our company staff. The same experts who rebuild each unit are the very ones who inspect all parts and labor. The reconditioned units that we’re now shipping are 100 percent OEM builds. The inclusion of the rebuilt torque converter can help save you hundreds of dollars compared to a used gearbox purchase with a faulty unit.

Rebuilt Transmission with Rebuilt Torque Converters Quotes

Everything sold on this website begins with a quote for pricing. This helps showcase our sale prices. We could publish our pricing, but our competitors view our website daily. We don’t lure customers in with an advertised price and change it at checkout. We don’t hide the costs of shipping either. What is paid is the exact amount door to door. Our remanufactured transmissions are easily quoted right here online. You can call our toll-free number or just submit a quote request by completing the form we provide.