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You’ve found a huge resource for quality rebuilt transmissions at affordable prices. Powertrain Pros is one of the fastest growing providers of remanufactured transmissions in the state of Michigan. You’re here for one of two reasons: you’re buying for yourself or on behalf of a client. Our inventory discounts are offered to business and consumer clients here online. The reconditioned inventory that you’ll find here can stand up to any brand new unit due to our remanufacturing procedures.

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You don’t have to search online auction websites in order to find a great deal. Our complete inventory is priced accordingly after it is rebuilt. We own our own equipment and provide OEM compatible builds. What comes from our warehouse receives a complete warranty. Buying a replacement gearbox in confidence is essential to a long-term relationship. Our builders combined with our customer service team provide a completely comfortable buying experience for clients here online.

Wholesale Rebuilt Transmissions Pricing

DIY installers, car restorers and others who are usually without a resale certificate can struggle to buy at wholesale prices. The Powertrain Pros difference is helping to connect our pricing with eager buyers online. Buying a used transmission can be much more expensive than purchasing one reconditioned at wholesale pricing. From domestic transmissions like Ford, GM, and Dodge, to foreign transmissions like Toyota, Honda, Nissan, etc…we carry most any transmission you can think of, at a huge discount. The discounts are deep enough so that a business can resell each unit and still make money.

High quality service is important. You can buy an automatic or manual transmission reconditioned online although not all companies provide a warranty. Getting a guarantee and a low price is part of our commitment to customers. Each reconditioned transmission sold here are electronic and pressure tested and approved before sale.

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There are thousands of sellers online. Many are drop shippers for larger companies. is a single operation. We focus our time and attention on building some of the best replacement gearbox units that are marketed online. We choose to specialize in quality at affordable prices. We’re constantly shipping manual and automatic transmission units here daily. Our warehouse is packaged with reconditioned inventory ready for shipment to all 48 continental states in the U.S., or to your forwarder.

We have a phone number above for our customers to use for Q&A, FAQ and quotes for pricing. The wholesale price structures that we use easily generated with a quick phone call. Our team is knowledgeable and you’ll never speak to a person in a foreign country. Each expert who handles your customer service request responds quickly and accurately. Buying remanufactured transmissions online has never been a simpler process. Call today to see the Powertrain Pros difference.

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