Rebuilt Jeep Renegade Transmission

Jeep introduced the first 6-speed gearbox in the 2005 year as an upgrade to the regular 5-speed. A decade of development has proven successful by Chrysler and new options for gearboxes exist for SUV owners. This Powertrain Pros website offers cheap rebuilt Jeep Renegade transmission inventory at seriously low prices. There are four different trim levels that each feature the 6-speed manual gearbox as a...

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luxuryluke / / CC BY-NC-ND

Rebuilt AX5 Transmission

AX5 is one of the builds used by the Chrysler company for its Jeep division. The Aisin Warner company built the OEM models that were used in the Wrangler starting in the 1984 year. The majority of the units were manual configurations that were meant to be used with the AMC 2.5 motors. Any buyer hoping to locate a good deal on these transmissions can...

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