Rebuilt L4N71B Transmission on Sale

The Nissan L4N71B is an automatic transmission built in 1983. It can be found in many different import motor vehicles. It is a four-speed model that is a hydraulic based unit. There are no electronic controls found inside or outside of the assembly. Replacement stock can still be ordered through verified web retailers. Buy a rebuilt L4N71B transmission on sale now. Swapping the L4N71B Automatic...

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RE4F04V Transmission Rebuilt

The Nissan RE4F04V is a transmission co-developed by Jatco. It is a four-speed unit that is equipped for FWD. It features electronic controls although it some some hydraulic control sets. It has a total of five shift solenoid valves inside. Powertrain Pros supplies the RE4F04V transmission rebuilt to customers across North America. Cars Using the 4-Speed RE4F04V Import motor vehicles that are sold through luxury...

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FX35 Transmission Rebuilt for Sale

The FX35 transmission can be rebuilt. In fact, we do it all the time. People who purchase used gearboxes can often run into a problem later. Making the internal components function just like they are new is the point of refurbishing. If you own a luxury vehicle, you already know the price of aftermarket auto parts. You can buy an FX35 transmission rebuilt directly from...

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