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Saturn M75 Transmission for Sale

Saturn used its M75 transmission in the Vue and Ion. This was a GM build that was troubled from the very start. With hopes of introducing its VTi technology, too many problems were encountered by consumers with the 4-speed builds. Buying one of our rebuilt Saturn M75 transmission for sale units saves you money.

The year was 2003 when the first installation of the M75 took place. A TCC or torque converter clutch was installed. There are a total of 24 bands on the OEM versions. The dry weight is about 183 pounds for shipping estimates. The VTi gearboxes were commonly used with the 2.2L I4 engines.


The majority of the tags found on the Saturn 4-speed transmissions were 4JAT. This identified the first versions of the new phase of gearboxes. While the tags do vary, the components inside are almost always identical.

Taking the chance and buying a used M75 gearbox is not that great of an idea. Because of the factory parts problems, a person is likely to have a number of issues. Powertrain Pros rebuilds most of the GM line of CVT and standard automatic assemblies.

Warranty for M75 Transmissions

Everything that is provided on this website has been rebuilt by an experienced staff. The hiring of professionals who work in our facility was a good business move. To find the best talent, we work hard and it pays off for our customers. This is why there is such a good warranty plan available with every order placed here.

The term of OEM parts protection and labor does vary. In most cases, no one has an issue that cannot be fixed at some point. Our package of coverage is one of the best around. Every reman Saturn transmission that we provide has the same warranty.

Buy Remanufactured M75 Gearboxes

Our central warehouse makes it easy for orders to be processed. Even someone who is using a smartphone or tablet can review discounts we distribute. By taking a look inside of our computerized database, anyone can find out our sticker prices. We make it simple and very reliable to explore our stock.

The customer service phone number that is listed on this website is where to call. While our web quotes are popular, there are seekers of rebuilt gearboxes by Saturn that need to speak with us. We understand that. Calling our staff is really rewarding. We walk beginners and seasoned pros through the ordering procedure.