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Rebuilt L4N71B Transmission on Sale

The Nissan L4N71B is an automatic transmission built in 1983. It can be found in many different import motor vehicles. It is a four-speed model that is a hydraulic based unit. There are no electronic controls found inside or outside of the assembly. Replacement stock can still be ordered through verified web retailers. Buy a rebuilt L4N71B transmission on sale now.

Swapping the L4N71B Automatic

The final year of production was 1997, but people do still swap these units. The reason is that there is a prominent inventory of preowned and reconditioned available. Powertrain Pros only deals in reconditioned components here because the quality is higher.

Before changing out a Nissan transmission, knowing the compatibility would be helpful. Thanks to the long-term manufacturing of certain assemblies, many cars have benefited from consistent marketing.

The reman L4N71B auto gearboxes that we provide will fit easily into the following list of vehicles:

– Pathfinder
– Conquest
– RX7
– Maxima
– 200SX

Because of the light-duty nature of the unit, it was not meant for use with the V8 size motors. Most of the four-cylinder and six-cylinder builds from Mazda, Dodge and Nissan will work. The goal is to make the transition process easier when taking out a high mileage tranny.

Restoring Complete Gearboxes On-Site

Our facility is equipped with engineering technology found only in larger shops. We hand tool some of the components if we need to. Every remanufacturing job includes new bushings, steel clutch, pressure plates, metal clad seals and washers. This is just the basic servicing. It can be a real task just to remove and drop in a four-speed transmission.

A direct parts warranty is always included with our stock. These are shipped and activated for every consumer. The restored batch of gearboxes that we handle grows every month. We are always finding, buying and rebuilding automaker parts.

L4N71B Sale Prices Here

Get your low one-time offer price on this page. We supply special discounts for our products online. The pricing might be different if you were to call by telephone. We appreciate our web customers. People who choose us over the competition know quality is in first place.

For terms of payment, we do accept all formats. You can inquire about our warranties. You can arrange a nationwide shipment. We even tell you the previous mileage. Let be your automatic transmission provider today.