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Rebuilt A833 Transmission for Sale

The A833 is a transmission by Chrysler found for sale in many vehicles since the 1960s. These units are four-speed configurations that were meant for use with 8 cylinder or slant 6 engines. Even though technology improved a lot since the early days, there is still quite a need for reliable A-series gearboxes in the U.S. PTP can help anyone find a rebuilt A833 transmission for sale here.

Changes to the spline and overall gear ratios is something that happened from year to year with the smaller automatic assemblies. The overdrive gear was not added until sometime in the 1970s. When it came time to upgrade the materials in the 1980s Dodge pickup trucks, Chrysler made the decision to retire the famous A833 gearbox.

Dodge Restored Gearboxes

A junk yard is one place where a consumer can probably find a preowned four-speed assembly. The problem with these models is that they are never checked out and are sold as is. While the gearing might hold up for a little while, there is a much smaller life span compared to a remanufactured Dodge transmission in a light-duty truck or van.

Vehicles such as the Diplomat, LeBaron, Dart and Duster were some of the final mass produced models that held the same A833 automatic transmission that PTP provides. Inventory does change from time to time and it is possible these are no longer in stock. Part of the guarantee to consumers shopping here is that a properly restored unit will be provided when available.

Transmission Parts Warranties

Terms and conditions of every sale are important. A person who does not take the time to read any policy documentation might be disappointed to know a certain part is not covered for a replacement. Powertrain Pros acquires the very inventory that a consumer can find here from more than one location.

The warranties that cover the included parts will vary due to fulfillment partner. It is always safe to ask a customer service rep about what might be included in the warranty and what might be left out. In any case, the reconditioned A833 gearboxes that are shipped out to consumers have been restored to operational quality.

Prices for Four-Speed Transmissions

To find the current pricing, take a look inside of the PTP application installed on this page. It is connected to the offline database. Every warehouse that shows listed products as in stock is double-checked for pricing and other terms. Once the basic vehicle information is collected here, a price quote is then official for a consumer.

Calling the number we display here will help anyone complete an order. Mastercard and other forms of payment are always accepted. Making it simple and stress-free to find an older gearbox that will fit into Chrysler vehicles is our goal. Take some time to visit other sections of this website to become familiar with what we do.