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Rebuilt 4L65E Transmission

The 1982 introduction of the THM or turbo hydra-matic transmission in 700R4 builds was the seed that laid the groundwork for future GM development. The General Motors company is known for using its created resources for decades because these components work very well. The 2001 upgrade to the THM technology introduced the 4L65E series to the marketplace. The electronic controls introduced in the 4L60E were updated in the 65E design. If you came here to find a rebuilt 4L65E transmission you’re in the right place.

There are many cars that have been graced with the presence of the 4L65E transmissions by GM. The truck series is often the most popularized section of the General Motors company. The S10, Sierra, Typhoon, C/K and Sonoma are some of the early installations of the upgraded 65E design. Each remanufactured unit that is marketed by our company is also built by our company specialists. This means no middlemen and no reselling of someone else’s work. Our facility is equipped to handle every type of GM transmission that is sold in America.

4L65E Transmissions with a Two-Year Warranty

What does a warranty say about our company? It says a lot. There are plenty of auction sellers on the Internet. Most of these sellers specialize in preowned units although the catch is that there is never a warranty provided or implied. The two-year warranty program is a must-have in the auto parts industry. Each rebuilt transmission for sale as a GM build still goes through our inspections here. This is even before we attach a warranty policy to a completed build. The four-speed transmission reconditioning that goes on here helps a lot of people in the automotive world.

The length of our warranty program is not the end of the line for most buyers. The many installations of the 4L65E GM transmissions provides enough room for even more coverage. We’re now attaching an unlimited mileage program for each buyer of our gearboxes. What this means is that no one has to feel uncomfortable after an installation. A peace of mind is instant when you know that unlimited mileage is OK to put on the transmission. Restricting gearbox owners with mileage is a ridiculous concept that we never participate in as a transmission rebuilding company.

Rebuilt 4L65E Transmission Price Quotes

The developed quotes system featured here gives you two options to discover our super low prices. We know you’re here to buy a replacement transmission. What you haven’t found out yet is how little it will cost you to own one. The quote process we’ve created is simple. If you’re a phone person, go ahead and call our staff right now. Prices are immediately delivered and no salesmen tries to sell you anything. If you prefer online access, you can submit a quote request through our Powertrain Pros virtual terminal. Either way you get the same pricing.