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Ford Motor Company has relied on the diesel transmissions used in the F-Series trucks since the 1960s. The early builds during this time period were utilized for consistency and compatibility with the diesel engines provided. Ford is one of the leading automakers in the world partly based on the technologies that are offered in each vehicle series. Buying a Ford diesel transmission is simple with a dedicated retailer. The rebuilt editions found on this page are ready for immediate install after purchase.

Ford produces several diesel transmissions for modern F-Series pickups. These are the E4OD, 4R100 and SR110. These units are also compatible with many gasoline engines in the V8 build. Before transmissions can be purchased, compatibility with the engine is essential for any replacement. The four and five-speed transmissions that are used for most Ford diesel vehicles are found in this inventory. All transmissions are warranted against early breakage or OEM parts failures.

Rebuilt Diesel Transmissions from Ford

The procedures currently used to rebuild an automatic or manual diesel transmission depends on the talent of the builder and technologies applied. Some companies currently rebuilding gearboxes for sale offer what is known as a basic teardown. These include checking seals for leaks, polishing parts and assembling a transmission for later resale. The in-depth procedures used here to provide rebuilt Ford diesel gearboxes ensures that any buyer receives quality as well as a low price. Each builder who undertakes a job rebuilding transmissions here is a trained service expert.

Because Ford has used a variety of engines through the years, ensuring the the transmission code on a replacement will match vintage or new engines is essential. Ford posts all codes for gearboxes on the top of the bell housing. Each unit that is rebuilt at Powertrain Pros comes complete with the torque converter or complete as a manual build. Each unit is validated and verified for rebuilding procedures. The two-year unlimited mileage protection warranty guarantees that all parts issues are taken care of if issues arise after transmissions are installed in vehicles.

Ford Diesel Transmission Price Quotes

The diesel builds found here for sale can be quoted instantly online with use of the quotation tool added on each page of this resource. This tool is automatically linked to the current inventory available for sale. This tool is responsible for providing all up to date pricing for any potential buyer. The builds that are quoted here online can also be quoted for pricing when dialing the toll-free telephone number offered. This number is answered by trained experts who supply immediate details about company inventory. These experts perform lookups for VIN numbers to ensure that all transmissions match the needs of all buyers. Each remanufactured transmission for sale from the Ford Motor Company inventory is shipped in the U.S. same day.

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