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Dodge Dakota Rebuilt Transmission

Dodge first produced the Dakota pickup truck in the 1987 year. This full-size pickup was designed to compete with Chevrolet and Ford Motor Company for U.S. auto sales. While several transmission builds have been used for the Dakota, there are some more popular than others. The Dodge Dakota rebuilt transmission inventory provided here at Powertrain Pros does provide the popular builds for parts buyers.

The 46RE transmission is one of the builds that were first entered in the R/T series. This 1998 build was used until the 2003 year when additional technology was introduced. These builds were based on the TorqueFlite design and were taken from the A727 original Dodge units. The Ram trucks were the testing ground for the 46RE until the R/T Dakota was introduced in the U.S. The pairing of the 5.9 Magnum motor is one aspect that buyers appreciate in these overdrive gearboxes.

Rebuilt Dakota Transmissions: 46RE or 42RE

The 42RE is one of the oldest assemblies for the Chrysler company in the truck and van series. This transmission debuted in 1989 and was changed out in the 2003 year. The Dakota trucks rely on four-speed gearboxes although some other builds do exist. The rebuilt units that are featured from this resource are either 46RE or 42RE designs. Each of these builds are featured with the unlimited mileage warranty that is underwritten to keep customers happy after purchase is complete.

A buyer of a remanufactured transmission should know that these units are designed for immediate installation after delivery. Unlike preowned units found online, a reconditioned version of an original Chrysler transmission is meant to function like new ones. These assemblies are built by hand and tested for a range of issues. Compression testing is important and validates that new seals and gaskets are seated correctly. The warranty that is provided with each Dakota remanufactured gearbox found here is offered in the purchase price of each transmission.

Prices for Dodge Dakota Transmissions Rebuilt

The actual cost of purchase is important element for parts buyers. There is usually a huge difference in price between outdated used units and ones that are certified rebuilt. The low prices that are featured direct on this website are created for buyers to benefit. For the cost of a used transmission, a replacement unit in rebuilt condition can be purchased here online. The low sticker prices found through this resource happen when the quotes system is used.

The price quote tool found on every page of this resource is an easy online way of viewing Powertrain Pros pricing. This tool does not ask personal questions and is anonymous. The phone support is provided by transmission specialists here is another method of acquiring pricing for any remanufactured Dodge transmission. All VIN numbers can be checked for installation compatibility prior to purchase and the cost of shipping is always included in each price quote.