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Chevy Tracker Transmission

A joint partnership between GM and Suzuki helped to produce the Tracker line of vehicles in the late 1980s. These mini four-wheel drive vehicles were built for off-road usage although also built for fuel economy. The termination of the Suzuki partnership helped GM to market the Tracker as its own brand in the late 1990s. The Powertrain Pros company sells Chevy Tracker transmission inventory rebuilt for the U.S. market.

Locating a gearbox replacement for a Tracker should not be a challenge for buyers who know where to shop. Some companies market the transmissions differently. Different versions of the Tracker had different gearboxes depending on the time period of production. The GM builds feature the turbo hydra-matic 180 three-speed units. These are authentic builds and were later updated to include the different transmission tag of 3L30 in the early 1990s.

Rebuilt Chevy Transmissions: GM or Aisin

There were different transmissions used to coincide with the Tracker. The M41 built by Aisin under the watchful eye of GM is one example. These were built for the 1.6 and 2.0 series four-cylinder engines used in each Chevy Tracker or aptly titled Suzuki Vitara. The remanufactured General Motors gearboxes featured on this resource offer full OEM quality. A person who is seeking a three-speed tranny replacement can search the available inventory through this page. Every detail is inspected for each automatic transmission.

Buying any replacement transmission with a warranty is a good idea. There are plenty of previously owned transmission units marketed for sale in North America. One problem with these types of units is the absence of adequate warranty protection. Many units are purchased by eager customer hoping to find a good price and wind up with a junk transmission. The rebuilding facility used to produce all Chevy Tracker transmission inventory at is top quality. This provides high customer assurance that all installations are covered for two full years after purchase.

Chevy Three-Speed Gearbox Price Quotes

All price quotations are prepared for every customer using this website as a resource. There are two ways to receive a general quote for pricing. The first method is to utilize the digitized transmissions quote system on this page. This system was designed for every customer to benefit. All prices are distributed automatically after specific information is provided. Supplying a vehicle year, make and VIN number are some of the ways to get a faster quote.

A toll-free telephone system is now one of the optional ways for discovering pricing. This number is staffed expertly by company specialists who understand General Motors transmissions. All rebuilt units featured through the warehouse inventory are quoted using this customer support line. All warranty programs, shipping incentives and other information critical to a successful purchase is provided using all quotes resources.