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C4 Transmission for Sale

The original Ford Motor Company Ford-O-Matic transmission used up until the 1960s offered manual controls. The advancements in technology that were offered between 1964 and 1984 helped Ford to revolutionize the transmissions industry. The development of a better three-speed gearbox was provided to the auto world. C4 was one of the early builds that were used heavily until the automatic overdrive editions were created. Buying a C4 transmission for sale is a hassle-free process here.

The C4 was was used as a longitudinal automatic gearbox until the 1983 year. Ford was in development of its C5 series at this time and the C3 and C4 technologies were outdated. One benefit that users of the C4 series had apart from the Ford-O-Matic was the compatibility with large and small engines. From four-cylinder to V8 builds, the automatic C4 transmissions were a mainstay in the Ford production schedule. Any buyer hoping to find a remanufactured edition of these units can search the inventory provided at this company.

Used C4 Auto Transmission with a Warranty

The research process for transmissions can bring up a lot of different resources online. Not all buyers know what they need or even where to shop. One common problem that buyers of used Ford transmissions encounter is the issue of warranties. Because every seller dictates if a warranty is included or not, buyers can be at a disadvantage if a service guarantee is not included. Every authentic Ford gearbox that is presented in the Powertrain Pros inventory is fixed with its own two-year warranty program.

The automatic transmission is here to stay in the auto industry. Builds keep getting better and new improvements are made by automakers like Ford annually. What has changed on the second hand market is the quality of replacement units. The rebuilt series of inventory that is featured here does provide a near OEM quality build for each buyer. Buying a C4 gearbox for replacement can help any person install these into popular vehicles. The Bronco, F-Series trucks, LTD, Maverick, Thunderbird, Fairlane, Capri and Cougar are all compatible with the C4 transmissions.

C4 Transmission for Sale Price Quotes

All purchase decisions require a price before a person can be sure that a rebuilt transmission is the best purchase available. Any person who is researching this automotive resource can generate a price right online. The tools provided ensure that the process is completed swiftly. An instant request made from the quote form listed on each page is what generates all pricing. All remanufactured inventory in Ford Motor Company builds is quoted this way. A person even has the option of calling by toll-free number. This is provided to any U.S. buyers who wants more information about the pricing, shipment costs and warranties included.