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A518 Transmission for Sale

Chrysler produced its A518 transmission for installation into the Grand Cherokee. This build was meant to work well with the 5.2 and 5.9 series motors in use at the time. Later developments helped to improve the technologies in the 518. Use in the Dodge vehicles has grown over the past two decades in the U.S. You’ll find that we have the best pricing for A518 transmission for sale inventory you’ll find online.

The A518 requires the use of a V8 motor block. These gearboxes are reconditioned in our facility by top engineers. Both Jeep and Dodge series units are currently listed in our warehouse for sale. The Dakota, Ram 3500, Ram 2500 and Ram 1500 are some of the most common Dodge vehicles using the A518 gearbox design. Searching for a four-speed transmission that offers more than used quality can be difficult online. We simplify the process for buyers.

A518 Transmission with Torque Converter

There are companies selling gearboxes online that leave out the most important part of the design. This important component is the torque converter. This provides a powerful turbine along with the stator that every automatic transmission needs for operation. The reconditioned units for sale here online come with a refurbished torque converter. This provides a complete assembly that is immediately ready for install after delivery.

The 1993 to 2002 production years of the A518 makes these units a vintage model. Most retail stores no longer carry the classic Chrysler built transmissions. The best option for a used vehicle owner to save money on a transmission is to buy one remanufactured. The 2WD and 4WD models that we’re rebuilding do include heavy duty upgrades. Some companies charge extra for performance ready transmissions. Each unit is also inspected and validated by our in-house staff.

A518 Transmission for Sale Price Quotes

There are no extra charges to receive our transmission rebuilds. The prices that are quoted instantly from this resource online are the only costs consumers pay. What is more important is the speed of shipment. A quote generated here online sets all customers up for a faster delivery. Our price quotes do include shipping costs to all U.S. locations. Use the simple form we provide. It is able to quote pricing and shipping information. We do use a toll-free number to provide remanufactured Dodge transmissions pricing. Use it now and get your price.