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6R140 Rebuilt Transmission for Sale

The 6R140 is a Ford transmission built for diesel and gasoline vehicles. It is a member of the Torqshift family of gearboxes. Production was started in the year 2010 for the upcoming 2011 year. The Powerstroke 7.3L motor was the first pairing with the 6-speed series. On this parts website, anyone can buy a 6R140 rebuilt transmission for sale.

6R140 Data Specs

Shopping for secondary automotive gearboxes can be tricky. If a person has little experience, the risk for making mistakes is much higher. There are some specs to keep in mind for the 6R140 automatic transmission. For shipping purposes, the dry weight is about 325 pounds. All OEM built units feature a PTO (power takeoff) system. This provides premium torque.

The rebuilt Ford 6-gear assemblies sold here are HD versions. These do include both overdrive gears that were installed at the factory. A recall was made public for some recent models directly from Ford. These were prone to software errors that were eventually fixed.

The iron casting of the gearbox is all one piece. This is unlike other automakers that use a bolted on design made from two pieces of metal. This was meant to provide better operation at lower decibels during operation. The first gear is 3.97. This is higher than most automatic assemblies.

Manual Shift Model 6R140

As a first in the Ford lineup, the 6-gear units each have a manual model. Each one of the six gears installed can be shifted manually. This gives people who prefer the hands-on experience of a manual unit more control. The torque converter is always included by Powertrain Pros as a complete unit. This low lock-up model is not always included in used versions sold by some retailers online.

Why People Swap 6R140 Gearboxes

There have been general reports of drivers in the USA experiencing hard up and down shifting. It is similar to hard braking at top speeds. Many mechanics often diagnose the problem as a faulty solenoid pack. The issue could be front a non-working torque converter or bent flywheel. There are differences in the types flywheels in some factory models.

A PCM flash is a workaround that some dealerships providing warranty service offer. This can sometimes fix the issue and sometimes it cannot. People who are left without a choice do seek remanufactured Ford transmissions because of the better warranty plans.

Buy Reconditioned Truck Transmissions

The 6-speed tranny inventory that is presented here is all built in-house. A team goes to work instantly when a used model is acquired. A complete tear down is started and a diagnosis of parts is then made. This provides the foundation for a complete build from the ground up. Orders are placed at PTP after pricing is given out to consumers.

The prices are generated by the tools on this page. Add in a vehicle year and a dedicated quote is automatically prepared from the database. A phone support option is available too. Our professionals are specialists when it comes to rebuilding. People who do not shop here always pay higher prices elsewhere.