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4T60E Monte Carlo Transmission Rebuilt

One upgrade to the turbo-hyrdamatic 125 series gearboxes that was well received at General Motors in 1991 was the issuance of an electronic system. This improved the Chevy four-speed automatic design that was used in the 4T60 and set the pace for the next 11 years of auto industry engineering. Someone hoping to find a 4T60E Monte Carlo transmission rebuilt for the right price can use this resource in the USA.

GM designed the 4T series of gearboxes to include a reverse gear unlike some rival auto companies. The success that was found in the Buick and Cadillac series helped General Motors to setup the boost in development for Monte Carlo vehicles. The pattern of investing into the electronic gearboxes started in 1995 and lasted until 1999 for the 4T65E brand.

Remanufactured Units Versus Rebuild Kits

The Monte Carlo is one vehicle design that rebuild kits are made for in the U.S., Canada and other countries. One advantage to a kit is the lower price compared to a complete swap. A disadvantage to buying transmission rebuild kits is that not all of the components are upgraded or fixed during kit installs. A vast majority of vehicle owners, parts buyers and body shop owners who buy transmissions online still prefer reconditioned assemblies.

A common problem with some 4T60E transmissions is a fluid leak as well as solenoid burnout. With Monte Carlo transmission fluid can be changed, a complete rebuild can detect many failed components. While there are known problems with all Chevy-based gearboxes, it is the results that are achieved using testing equipment that can pinpoint any issue that can make a transmission become unreliable.

Certified and Tested Reconditioned 4T60 Assemblies

Once the results of a test are analyzed, a professional can determine what needs to be changed or rebuilt in a defective transmission. This is not the same practice that a dealer or mechanic conducts. A true swap of an assembly can only take place when the gearbox is of like-new quality. Someone who has Monte Carlo shifting problems would usually benefit from a complete replacement.

Because slipping is one of the known problems with a failed gearbox, Power Train Pros is one of the companies in a position to correct OEM issues. Everything from shift lock solenoid failure to pressure control problems, a rebuild is the likely answer for a person who is seeking the most affordable way to replace a Chevrolet transmission.

The toll-free number presented on this page can be dialed to learn about prices for shippable inventory. The instant quote tool is also setup to display the approximate replacement cost for a transmission compatible with 3.1 or 3.4 Chevy engines.