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Transmissions Rebuilt in Dearborn, MI

Dearborn rebuilt transmission shops do have an advantage over ones found in other parts of the state of Michigan. Only about 10 miles separates the biggest automakers from companies that provide rebuilding services to auto owners. Every gearbox requires the right components to adhere to the listed factory specs. Shops that make certain this policy is followed always have the better inventory. Transmissions are rebuilt for Dearborn, MI residents by Powertrain Pros annually.

Dealer Quality Versus Rebuilt

A person who is shopping around for repair pricing might find some phrases associated with the transmission industry. There are companies that promote something called dealer quality while others have rebuilt quality. The clear difference between the two is in the services provided. A dealer-to-dealer service program allows a used gearbox to be repaired and restored to what might be similar to a dealership quality build.

An assembly that is restored by rebuilding is marketed as a rebuilt transmission. Every company has its own process that goes into the disassembly and reassembly of automotive parts. What is essential to understand is what quality is achieved from the outcome of the services rendered. Since a gearbox that is rebuilt offers a permanent solution, many people in Dearborn, MI choose this option over a simple repair job.

Visual Testing or Road Testing

A mechanic will sometimes make a repair and use experience to know whether the job is finished. During the gearbox refurbishing process, a higher level of testing is needed. People are paying for a build that might last another 10 to 20 years. A visual test is not something that would work in a recycling scenario. What does work well is a road test, fluid test, pressure testing and dyno test if applicable. These are the industry standard rebuilder practices that ensure performance is as expected.

Something that is rebuilt by hand has a special aura about it. A builder who knows just how to disassemble the unit and follow OEM guidelines is just touching the surface. After rebuilding thousands of gearboxes, a person can hit his or her stride in the industry. Mistakes can be minimized and testing will be second nature. What most people will search for after the retail price is known is what form of a warranty is implied or included.

Buy Gearboxes Shipped to Dearborn

Wayne County also covers the metro Detroit area. Shipments that originate from the Powertrain Pros facility are always delivered on time. Having access to the top freight companies is what helps delivery estimates. To begin the ordering process here, start by making sure that the year and vehicle models are pre-selected in the inventory computer tool. This is how pricing is maintained here and is the first start of the checkout procedure.