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TH200 Transmission for Sale

General Motors developed its turbo Hydra-matic transmission technology for use across all brands. The GM family of Buick, Pontiac, Pontiac, Chevy, GMC and Oldsmobile used the TH series gearboxes. The Pontiac Ventura was one of the late 1970s builds that used the TH200 gearbox. The use of this series is spread wide among the GM vehicles through the past 35 years. Here you’ll find TH200 transmission for sale inventory ready for U.S. shipments.

GM transmission code numbers sometimes refer to the TH200 as the THM200. There are other variants of this gearbox used in vehicles. The revamped versions are listed as TM200C or TM2004R. These were added through the middle of the 1980s shortly before production was pulled on the TH200 transmission development. New technologies were created that made these three-speed gearboxes obsolete. What we’re offering is a rebuilt version of these Hydra-matic gearboxes for a super low online price.

GM Transmission Parts and Service Warranties

When you by a transmission from GM, you’re getting the most advanced build possible. These can deteriorate with use in automobiles with high mileage. The different maintenance programs that some car owners choose can affect the stability of a used transmission. This is one reason why we’re not selling preowned transmission assemblies here at Powertrain Pros. Our parts and services warranties certify all rebuilds made here. The facility that we’re using is state of the art in the industry.

It takes more than great tools to rebuild a transmission for sale. Testing is a huge benefit to any remanufactured transmission. The ways that are used to validate the quality of a General Motors transmission have been enhanced over the past two decades. We invest into transmission detection technologies to test each rebuilt gearbox. All TH200, TH200C and other units we recycle go through a range of these tests. The confidence that we have in the rebuilding process has helped create a two-year parts, labor and service warranty program.

TH200 Transmission for Sale Prices

The purchase price for a remanufactured transmission from our company is always low. We pass on all savings that we retain during the process of acquiring a gearbox. All parts savings that are recognized during our efforts are given to each customer. We even discount transmissions for sale pricing to a level that most companies cannot match. Quotes for prices are immediate here. Take a moment and fill out our request form on this page. You’ve instantly given details about our price structure. We even set aside a complete staff of professional who field our toll-free telephone calls for quotes or information. Try us now.