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T5 Transmission Rebuilt

Borg Warner designed the first T5 transmission used in the U.S. auto market. This edition was first used in the AMC vehicles produced through the 1980s. Other automakers followed suit and started to use the T5 builds. This transmission is unique because of the manual construction. The five-speed design is one of the elements included for this longitudinal gearbox. The Powertrain Pros company is one of the resources online for any consumer to purchase a T5 transmission rebuilt for a super low price.

Borg Warner has remained a company of choice for Ford Motor Company, AMC, General Motors, Nissan, Holden and Datsun. The T5 is one example of the transmissions that have been furthered on the secondary market. While some aftermarket units are provided by dealers, many do not include the original World Class designs made popular during the Borg Warner production period. Each rebuilt gearbox found in the inventory listed on this website is built by hand using a specialized process.

Remanufactured T5 Transmissions for Sale

Many of the aftermarket builds that buyers find online are produced under the Tremtec brand. These are new editions based on the original Borg Warner design from the 1980s. One element that is common in the original builds is the configuration for four-wheel drive vehicles. Many of the Ford and Chevrolet installations that were available through the 1980s 1990s featured the optional World Class designs. All reconditioned manual edition gearboxes inside the Powertrain Pros inventory are ready for immediate U.S. shipments.

When searching for a gearbox replacement, price is not the only factor that should be considered by buyers. Where the gearbox is built can affect the overall operational quality. The facility upgrades featured at this resource are making it possible to produce some of the top running transmissions for vehicle builds. All hand built transmissions that are completed in the Michigan facility are ready for immediate installation when delivered. The offering of the two-year warranty protection systems in place is a bonus for T5 manual transmission buyers online.

T5 Transmission Rebuilt Price Quotes

Price quotes are the foundation of the price distribution system on this website. A fast-track form is now provided to generate easy manual transmission price quotations. This includes the T5 series gearboxes that are featured here. Entering vehicle year and make into the quotation tool directly on this website provides an immediate quotation for each remanufactured unit. An optional way to discover the current sale pricing is by calling the appointed toll-free number in place. Both of these methods extend fast ways to instantly compare pricing with other dealers online. The same day shipments processed here feature a rapid delivery for any rebuilt manual transmission found in the company inventory.