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T150 Transmission for Sale

Borg Warner is the original manufacturer of the T150 transmission used mostly in Jeep vehicles in the 1970s. This company is one of the most trusted names in the automotive manufacturing industry. The manual transmissions built in the 1970s for Jeep vehicles were normally top shifting designs. These units did not include torque converters or other electronic power sources. The T150 transmission for sale offered at this resource is available for immediate shipment in the United States.

One advantage that buyers researching the replacement market for T150 gearboxes will find is the compatibility of this unit with many automakers. While the original build is used in Jeep SUVs, adaptations have been made for General Motors, Buick, Chevy, AMC and Ford vehicles through the years. Not all rebuilding companies have access to the vintage transmissions that many vehicle owners demand. Each remanufactured edition sold from this resource is professionally reconstructed inside a top facility.

Rebuilt T150 Three-Speed Transmission

The compatibility with V6 and V8 engines is one of the first instances that buyers of the T150 manual transmission will find. These top loaded gearboxes provided only three gears despite the heavy-duty design. The use in the CJ Jeeps during the 1970s set the actual pace of production by Borg Warner to ready this unit for other vehicles. Every transmission rebuild that is featured at this resource receives the protection of a warranty. The T150 and other builds in stock are designed for complete satisfaction.

One advantage to purchasing this transmission as a rebuilt unit compared with used condition assemblies found online is the long-term value offered. While many used condition units have parts that are ready to fail, the recycling process completed at the Powertrain Pros company preserves the quality of each OEM build. Restoring the cluster gear, front bearings, main drive gear, ensuring seals are tight and other common practices help make manual transmissions rebuilt here top quality. Each rebuilt Borg Warner transmission sold here online receives its own testing.

T150 Transmission for Sale Prices

The selling price of a transmission is important for any buyer to learn prior to deciding to purchase. Paying too much for a reconditioned gearbox is a common problem for some buyers using third party resources. All discount pricing featured through this resource is hidden for a reason. The quotation system built for immediate use here online is responsible for all price distributions. This allows any buyer to conduct anonymous research for pricing and information about shipments. These customized price quotes are easy to generate online. The toll-free telephone number listed on this website offers direct contact with rebuilding experts. Any questions can be answered during phone calls as well as VIN numbers matched before transmissions are purchased and shipped.