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Saginaw Transmission for Sale

General Motors vehicles benefited from technologies not used by Ford or Dodge. The production of the Saginaw transmission for the GM company set the pace for high performance builds nationwide. Most of the 3 speed models were used from the 1960s to the 1980s. Some of these featured early editions of electronic controls. The design was changed in later decades to include more torque for racing builds. You’ll find Saginaw transmission for sale inventory right here online.

The Saginaw, Michigan manufacturing facility that originally produced these GM units is no more. Your only hope for finding a quality unit is using a rebuilding company. Our Michigan based company is one of the largest rebuilders of OEM Saginaw gearboxes online. You won’t have to try to be a rebuild kit from eBay or Craigslist. You can spend your money wisely and get a refurbished unit. We’ve assembled what could be the most complete team of builders specializing in GM-Saginaw transmission builds. If we can’t provide what you need, you’re shopping in the wrong place.

Rebuilt Saginaw 3 and 4 Speed Transmissions

Do you own an Astro or Safari van? You might be searching for the mid-1980 edition of the Saginaw gearbox. The rebuilding facility that we’re using is completely state of the art. The builds over the past 40 years can be found easily in our current inventory. The hard to find 3 speed as well as the newer 4 or 5 speed editions are currently offered here. Our team certifies all builds. This means that you get our two-year warranty plans. All reconditioned transmissions for sale are paired with this free of charge coverage.

Are used Saginaw transmissions better than rebuilt? It all depends on the owner. There are some classic vehicles that are rarely used featuring an original but used transmission. These are likely not put through daily wear and tear. The idea of rebuilding is supposed to bring back OEM quality in a used condition version. That’s exactly what we give customers. A remanufactured Saginaw transmission that is OEM quality. The certifications that our builders give with each unit will assure all buyers of total quality.

Saginaw Transmission for Sale Price Quote

What is the retail price of a transmission? Most companies charge thousands of dollars for a new unit. If you’re interested in buying new, we have a better option for you. The reconditioned units can be quoted in price using our two easy options here. The first is to call our staff. Our helpful specialists will explain our transmission inventory and what is included with the sale. The second is to use our online system to generate your pricing. This is an equally accurate method of transmission price reviews. Be one of the proud owners of our rebuilt transmissions series featuring authentic GM builds.