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Remanufactured Automatic Transmissions

A refurbished auto part is a new type of component compared with used units. These have been a part of the auto industry for decades although new technologies are improving the reconditioning industry. A transmission that is remanufactured does provide a restored version of an OEM unit. The automatic gearboxes that are used in most vehicles have parts that can deteriorate or degrade over the standard life cycle. Buying remanufactured automatic transmissions using this resource can be the first step to restoring any automobile.

The concept of a rebuilt auto part was introduced in the early 1970s. Automobile engines were one of the first major components used in vehicles to be reconditioned in top notch facilities. The shortage of parts in the industry is one element that fueled the restorations now commonplace in the automotive industry in the U.S. The transmissions that are reproduced by qualified companies can provide a longer usage life. The Powertrain Pros rebuilt gearboxes now shipped nationwide guarantee that an extended usage for a transmission is possible.

Rebuilt Transmissions Sold Factory Direct

The technology that is now available to independent rebuilders of gearboxes does help to improve the quality of a transmission once given up on by a vehicle owner. This technology when used by a trained specialist can completely restore a vehicle gearbox. While mileage is one component never taken off of a unit, the parts that have faded or are no longer functional can be replaced. The factory direct building that is applied to all unit at this resource increases the useful life of each build. Gearboxes are distributed direct from the facility where all builds take place for customers.

What these efforts mean to customers is a higher value. All Ford, Dodge and Chevrolet units that are rebuilt here are tested for assurance. This quality control program is part of the guarantee that is offered with each unit for sale. Auto parts that are untested can fail without any type of prior warning in customer vehicles. The tests like compression testing performed for all automatic transmissions verifies that each build is correct. Most automakers use OEM schematics and measurements to certify a rebuild. All remanufacturing procedures that are presented in inventory here follows automaker guidelines correctly.

Remanufactured Automatic Transmissions Prices

What is important in the transmission replacement industry is value versus price. Some companies can provide value although the price is way higher than it should be. Powertrain Pros has developed its unique levels of pricing to match quality and price at the same level. The low price points that are quoted on this website for inventory in stock guarantees that a high value transmission is distributed upon order placement. The two-year parts guarantees that are offered seal the deal for most buyers. A reconditioned automatic gearbox quoted here online or by toll-free number is ready to be shipped same day after orders are processed.