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Reconditioned Transmission for Sale

The purpose of repairing a worn out transmission is to make the unit usable again. There are hundreds if not thousands of repair shops in the U.S. that perform transmission work. One issue when researching the market is knowing the difference between the types of transmission repairs that can be completed. Buying a reconditioned transmission for sale is not the same as buying used unit. The cost versus value equation can help to determine what you’re getting for your dollar.

What is a transmissions patch job? This is an instance when thousands of dollars are charged to fix a transmission and a small amount of work is done to patch the problem. There have been many studies in the U.S. through undercover operations that have revealed shady work being completed through once reputable repair companies. Patching some gaskets or seals is not the same as a complete refurbishing job. A more in-depth procedure must be completed before any gearbox can be referred to as rebuilt or remanufactured.

What a Reconditioned Transmission Includes

Buying a gearbox that has been overhauled by a professional is a good start. It is what is performed during the overhaul that is usually not witnessed by a car owner. The stripping down of a gearbox to its bare casing is one of the first steps the refurbishing process. While many parts are removed and cleaned, not all parts need to be rebuilt for these to operate correctly. A comprehensive overview will determine which parts if any must be replaced by a qualified transmission specialist. Checking for leaks in seals and gaskets is a tedious but necessary process.

Rebuilding a transmission is only one phase of a complete recycling job. Tests must be performed to ensure that a unit works like it was designed to work. Major automotive companies have facility testing equipment to perform basic and advanced gearbox tests. The average rebuilding shops invests in similar technologies to complete work for customers. Compression tests reveal the accuracy of any reconditioned unit. Leaks can be one of the first signs of a problem. Compression testing all seals is part of the reconditioning process of automatic and manual transmissions.

Where to Find Refurbished Transmissions Online

This resource is one of the top online that educates buyers before a sale is ever processed for a replacement unit. Finding a local repair shop is just not possible for some people in the U.S. Finding a qualified rebuilder of gearboxes does take some research. The contact made on this website will ensure that a job is performed correctly. All inventory of transmissions marketed direct on this resource is rebuilt and ready for sale. A complete quote for a remanufactured transmission can be retrieved here online. Calling in to the customer service department does provide answers to questions not found on this page. Buying a refurbished, remanufactured, rebuilt or reconditioned transmission is relatively easy here.