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Chrysler remains the parent company of Jeep and Dodge in the U.S. The engineering that is provided with all OEM products results in top notch transmissions and engines. If you can’t find rebuilt Chrysler transmissions from a local dealer, you can use the Powertrain Pros company for your needs. You’ll find here four-speed, five-speed, six-speed and other editions that have been used throughout Chrysler auto manufacturing. Our huge warehouse likely has the exact transmission you’re trying to find online.

The Powerflite and Torqueflite are two examples of the early and late model builds that have been popular for decades. The standard manual transmissions used in the early Chrysler years helped set the pace for the automatic development. The 1980s manufacturing strides that were realized help envision a broad spectrum of transmission technologies still in use today. Common gearboxes you can find here for sale include a large range of transmission codes. These include 41TE, 40TES, 42LE, 545RFE, 45RFE and other units. You won’t have to search aftermarket or second hand shops to find a great unit anymore online.

Automatic and Manual Chrysler Transmissions

Are you trying to locate manual build transmission? These can be tough to find in the Chrysler build. This older technology has since been phased out of late model vehicles. Our resource here online won’t let you down. The code numbers that you’ll find in our inventory can match you with an OEM unit ready for install. We’re now selling to all types of clients from this very website. Because we specialize in all things Mopar and Chrysler, you won’t find it difficult to get the manual edition transmission you need. The automatic units remain the most popular and are a bulk of the inventory found here for sale.

The RWD and FWD edition units that we’re rebuilding come complete with a top notch torque converter. Some rebuilding companies selling Chrysler transmissions do not include this useful element. The auto transmissions for sale that are found here feature flawless turbines and stators. These are crucial elements in any professional rebuild. All Chrysler Group transmissions that have been produced over the past three decades in the U.S. are likely found inside our warehouse. Our database grows weekly as we acquire and rebuild popular units for our clients in the United States.

Rebuilt Chrysler Transmissions Price Quote

All things begin with a quote in price from our specialists. These professionals can assist you right now. If you call our toll-free number, you’re instantly greeted by a professional ready to quote our pricing. These are not salespeople. Each professional has been trained to assist you with understanding the transmission type you need. You can provide us with the size of your engine and the VIN number to speed up our research. Price quotes are the foundation of every transmission sold on the secondary market. Let us prove to you that we’re a top company and a wholesale source for transmissions when you call.

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