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Rebuilt ZF5 Transmission

Is your ZF5 transmission from Ford broken? Get one rebuilt here at PTP. Our inventory includes the famous 5-speed diesel compatible assembly. A failing Powerstroke and other motor blocks that are connected to the Z series can contribute to power loss. We expertly recondition assemblies for truck owners and service shops in the United States. Buy a rebuilt ZF5 transmission direct and save with Powertrain Pros.

Ford Manual Gearboxes

In the year 1987, Ford Motor Company started placing the ZF series 5-speed into its vehicles. The F-Series trucks were the first vehicles to receive these versions. The manual shift gearboxes were not rare to find with a diesel powered motor. These can be reconditioned although its takes some extra steps from an experienced person.

Unlike components founds in automatic units, the manual five-speed relies on basic parts. There are springs and tension that play a role in the construction of the ZF5. Our team provides a correct rebuild that follows all of the factory guidelines published in the auto industry.

Warranty for ZF Transmissions

The components that we use are all factory constructed. We administer a rebuilding program that helps keep our technicians certified. We know the ins and the outs of all assemblies used in Ford automobiles. Although most of the units were built in Germany, they are reconstructed using our state-of-the-art tools and machinery.

A warranty policy is something that we give to all of our customers. No one ends up paying money to receive this. The internal components as well as the external housing are included in the policies. One of our technicians certifies the build. There are many things to learn when reconstructing the OEM assemblies. We make sure we protect all buyers from having issues.

Buy ZF5 Transmissions Here

We take service and support seriously. Our price structures are low. It is possible that we do not have the cheapest price you will find. It never hurts to try and save some cash. Take a moment and research inside of our warehouse. You can find a match as well as the discount. What you need to give us is your car type and motor type. None of your personal details are needed in order to get a basic quote in price.

You can call us through our toll-free number. PTP is always available for assistance. A helpful person is the only one who answers our phone lines. We never keep you waiting. Getting the remanufactured Ford gearbox you need will not take a lot of work. You can arrange when to have it delivered. We accept all payment forms. Deal with a group of professionals instead someone who maintains an auction listing. We are your full support team.