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Rebuilt XK8 Transmission

The XK8 by Jaguar has used no less than five transmission types since its launch. Rebuilt editions of these models can be found on our website. We rebuilt the five-speed and six-speed assemblies that consumer need for installation into their vehicles. Powertrain Pros offers a rebuilt XK8 transmission at a price much lower than a junk yard promotes.

ZF Gearbox Types

BMW, apart from Jaguar, started using the ZF series assemblies in the early 1990s. Because these units work well with the 4.0 liter and 4.2 liter engines, it make perfect sense to install them inside of the XK series cars.

There are two very common units that people ask for when fixing up their XK8. PTP rebuilds each of the types in the following list:

ZF 5HP24
ZF 6HP26

The 5HP24 is a five-speed model while the 6HP26 is the six-speed. The automatic assembly is now the unit of choice for most luxury automobiles. Buying components in reman condition does provide the longevity that car owners demand.

Coupe or Convertible Transmissions

The trim style of a Jaguar vehicle has little to do with the parts inside. This is not like some major auto companies that change components with every new vehicle manufactured. The V8 motor is the block most associated with the XK8 Jaguar around the world. does its best to keep up with the inventory of reconditioned gearboxes that the general public requires.

You do not have to be a mechanic or someone who owns a service center to shop with us. The sale prices we distribute are accessible to all people. Our facility is equipped with the best components that are all OEM. You will not find any third-rate components attached the interior or exterior of the gearboxes found here.

Warranty Program for Parts

Protecting what we sell over a period of time is essential. Consumers that trust us to supply Jaguar reman transmissions expect a higher quality. You can purchased preowned and not get a long-term plan with another dealer. We understand this philosophy. We expanded all of the order terms two years ago and have not looked back since. The purchase price that you see on this page already includes freight and warranty coverage.

Buy Rebuilt Transmissions for Jaguar

Get a price for your automatic assembly here. Let the computer do all of the research work. We already know what our competitors sell products for the public. We are way under those types of MSRP. If you you demand a clean product, we will not let you down. Official cleaning includes steam cleaning and conditioning of all stock.

Look at your price and tell us what you think of it. Consumers will be able to call us through our phone center to place an order. Because we have excellent service, you will not wait while you are on the phone. We get to the point. Your order is processed. We begin to ship out the assembly the same day processing is completed. Try getting that locally.