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Rebuilt Uplander Transmission

The Uplander minivan by Chevy used a four-speed 4T65E transmission inside. These are rebuilt right here in our facility. We guarantee that every assembly will work with the 3.5 liter and 3.9 liter V6 motors. Powertrain Pros fully supports all of the electronic shift models that are built in General Motors factories worldwide. We have excellent prices for a rebuilt Uplander transmission.

The 4T65E was first built in the 1997 year. It was mass produced until 2011 when it was discontinued. The shift towards six-speed gearboxes resulted in a new investment in technology by GM. In terms of the Uplander minivan, the four-speed is the only unit that was offered for all of the 2005 to 2008 trim years available.

Chevy Uplander Transmission Removal

Some van owners can succeed in taking out their gearbox and putting in a new one. We do not give installation advice although it is important to mention removal issues. If something goes wrong during the take out, the delicate parts in the Uplander gearbox can be damaged. The normal thing to do is hoist up the vehicle and remove the assembly slowly.

There are a few things that go wrong and are common to the four-gear models. Since the internals are controlled by electricity, voltage from the battery can short out the shift solenoids. A driver can typically learn about this problem when hard shifting from second to third gear happens.

Quality of a Reman Gearbox

Unlike something that is used, a rebuilt assembly has a lot of advantages. It is the absolute best choice for a person who wants dealership quality for about one-third of the MSRP. The shift packs are remanufactured. The springs and gaskets are all changed out. Fluid leaks are something to always look out for in a transmission. The reman Uplander transmissions for sale that PTP provides are built in our own factory.

A multi-year warranty is also applied. The terms of sale will be explained to anyone interested in our components. Through a prompt shipping service, we are able to deliver a reconditioned unit for a good price. All of the carriers are popular companies. This improves the quality and increases our reputation in the automotive community.

Buy Rebuilt GM Gearboxes Here

Fix up your minivan with a freshly restored 4T65E. You do not have to worry about core charges or other fees common with preowned products. A price quote is how we display a discount price to the public. Using the computer that we give you, enter the V6 motor type and other details for your van. What happens next is that your price is prepared.

You get the option to call our service department by telephone. It is during this call that you can speak about shipment times, mileage or other things that interest you. We are a friendly but professional company. Saving money when buying components remanufactured is easy with us. Stay away from auction websites until your learn about our sale prices.