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Rebuilt Pontiac Transmissions

Names like Firebird, GTO, Grand Prix, G6 and G8 are some of the popular Pontiac brands. Although this brand is no longer in production, a large percentage of parts can be found through capable dealers online. The Powertrain Pros company specializes in rebuilding GM units for sale. The rebuilt Pontiac transmissions that are now featured online are some of our best builds. It’s no secret that some of the Pontiac builds have been used by GM in other vehicles due to the quality.

When identifying a transmission for replacement, you can use several options. Most people go by the Pontiac engine size to help determine the type of gearbox needed. Pontiac vehicles used more than one engine displacement. These range in builds as little as a 2.2 up to a full featured 6.0 V8. Knowing this piece of data can help you decide what you need to buy for replacement. Because Pontiac gearboxes are in short supply, you’ll find our inventory to be among the largest available.

Pontiac Transmission Codes List

Some people need more information aside from the engine size to figure out what they need for replacement. Many of the TH series that are built by GM were used in the Pontiac brands. The TH125C, TH200, TH350, TH450 and other units can be found rebuilt inside our warehouse. These transmission codes are the turbo hydramatic series. Standard GM transmissions are often referred to as 4L60E, 4T45E, 6L80E, 4T60, 4T65E and 6T40 series. You can double check our current builds by calling our toll-free number or inputting your request here online.

The transmission codes that we feature in our warehouse offer the largest selection in rebuilt condition. You could theoretically find a used unit on auction websites or classified advertisements. What most buyers of replacement Pontiac gearboxes hope for is a low mileage build. This can be a difficult thing to find with some resources. Each reconditioned Pontiac transmission for sale here features low mileage. This is due to our expert acquisition skills.

Rebuilt Pontiac Transmissions Price Quotes

We never hide our online pricing. It’s always available on request. We make it easy to speak with our customer associates. These trained experts know General Motors brands. What we rebuild here is shipped nationally. You can rest assured that you’re dealing with an expert company. Each rebuilt transmission for sale quoted by our company is shipped out the same day these are ordered. You can call into our company through our toll-free system. Our team is in place ready to help you. You won’t find a more pleasant experience online.