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Rebuilt Hummer Transmissions for Sale

Hummer was a brand acquired by GM in the 1992 year. The technology used to build this vehicle was based on what was used by the military in the Gulf War. Hummer production under GM control was stopped in 2010 although there are many owners of these vehicles still searching for auto parts. The Hummer transmissions for sale on this page provide access to all GM created editions for a sale price.

GM started out pairing up engines and transmissions to ensure consumers received the best rated products. The turbo hydramatic 400 gearbox was the first installation in the early Hummer vehicles. This series is known as the Hummer 1 and eventually featured more four-speed editions. There are some dealers acquiring used condition transmissions although these do not offer a true OEM usage period like a rebuilt edition offers.

Guide to Buying Hummer Transmissions with GM Technology

There were a total of five transmissions used with the Hummer 1, Hummer 2 and Hummer 3 production schedules. The TH400 series along with the 4L56E provided the initial powertrain technologies. The later introduction of the smaller 4L60E and the six-speed 6L80E were used due to the mixture of gasoline and diesel motors in the later builds of the Hummer. Before buying rebuilt transmissions, it is helpful to identify key characteristics.

What a rebuilt gearbox offers is a complete removal of failed parts. Most second hand transmissions must be rebuilt to be considered an original equipment replacement. The mileage is never erased from a used or reconditioned unit although procedures have been created to extend gearbox lifespans. Buying a reconditioned Hummer transmission from Powertrain Pros offers the highest quality for any of the electronic controlled or TH series gearboxes outside of a dealership.

How to Buy Transmissions Rebuilt for Hummer SUVs

There are no auction listings to sort through or phone calls to make if not necessary to buy a transmission online. The procedures in place to make a successful purchase here benefits all buyers. A 21st century advanced quote tool is found right on this page. This provides a secure strategy that any person can start to review the price of a Hummer transmission in real time. No personal data is collected during this initial price research phase.

All buyers are encouraged to evaluate the quality and mileage of a remanufactured GM transmission prior to ordering. This can take place through a quick telephone call. Buying from Powertrain Pros provides a three-year parts and labor warranty policy. This means that any ordered unit receives complete support during the coverage time frame. The rebuilt Hummer transmissions for sale on this page make great installations for older and worn out editions.

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