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Rebuilt GMC Envoy Transmissions for Sale

The Envoy is one of the GM vehicles built for luxury and power. The transmissions that are used inside of this vehicle are based on the original TH 700R4. The change in 1990 to the 4L60 provided the base used in SUVs like the Envoy in the U.S. market. Powertrain Pros provides superior rebuilt GMC Envoy transmissions for sale at seriously low prices. 

Many gearboxes that are available in GM vehicles can change depending on the trim level or engine size of each make. One factor that did not change during the production of the Envoy from 1998 to 2009 was the type of transmission. The 4L60E automatic edition was used during the entire manufacturing period. This transmission is compatible with all of the GMT platforms that were produced. 

Envoy 4L60E Transmissions Rebuilt with a Warranty

The most popular motors used in the Envoy are compatible with the 4L60E transmission. The 5.3 V8 as well as the 4.2 I6 are retrofitted with the automatic transmissions that are rebuilt from All trim levels of the Envoy are included in the compatibility for each gearbox. The SLE, SLT and XL luxury SUVs have no issues with the reconditioned automatic four-speed gearboxes here for sale. 

Quality is essential when buying GM transmissions that are remanufactured in the U.S. One issue that buyers can encounter with a gearbox is fluid compatibility. Knowing what type of transmission fluid is used in GMC Envoy SUVs is helping. The DEX III series is factory from GM as well as the DEX VI type. These are also used here to test each gearbox to evaluate OEM performance. A three-year warranty program is always included at order processing. 

How to Buy a Rebuilt GMC Envoy Transmission Online

There are several new tools available to help consumers using this resource to make a successful purchase. The first is the quotation database that is now installed. The locator on each page of this website supplies price data to interested gearbox purchasers. All GM inventory is priced in this manner and is delivered in a manner of seconds online.

Knowing who to call is equally important when answers to questions are needed. The second process includes the staff of rebuilding professionals working on each unit here who are available by toll-free number. This supplies one easy contact method for consumers when buying replacement gearboxes over the Internet. All engine matching, VIN lookups and other crucial elements are completed by phone. A smooth quotation and purchase process is always supplied.