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Ford Motor Company is still the second largest automaker in the United States. Part of the increase in production comes from the transmission development. The remanufacturing of a transmission is a process that is helping many units to receive an increase in lifespan. The rebuilt Ford transmissions that you’ll find here on this website give you a range of choices. You won’t have to struggle to find a gearbox rebuilding company online.

Most Ford units that you’ll find for sale here represent the manufacturing from the late 1970s up to the current production years. The C3 transmission that is quite popular as a secondary market unit can be found found sale in our inventory. Each rebuilt unit goes through a separate process of inspection prior to the actual distribution and fulfillment. The range of remanufactured gearbox choices that each buyer has here grows monthly.

Warranties for Rebuilt Ford Transmissions

The A4LD and E40D transmissions feature electronic overdrive. These are units that provide the extra torque that is found in most luxury cars, pickup trucks and sport utility brands in the Ford lineup. All automatic and stick shift transmissions that are listed for sale here include our guaranteed warranty coverage. This policy gives a two-year protection period with unlimited mileage. This is an extension that is hard to find through auction company sellers on the Internet.

The electronically controlled transmissions like 4R44E, 4R55E, AODE and AXOD-E units are reconditioned by our staff. You probably can’t find a harder working group of employees from any rebuilding shop in North America. The recycled units now for sale here online include almost all of the Ford transmissions for sale in the U.S. We’re offering near wholesale pricing for each unit that can be located using this resource online. You’ll find 3, 4, 5 and 6-speed transmission assemblies here.

Rebuilt Ford Transmissions Price Quotes

A price quote is the easiest way to view our pricing. Whether you need an automatic or manual transmission we can help. Dial our toll-free gearbox hotline to find out what our selling price is for the unit you need to buy. Our talented staff can lookup transmission codes or other types of matching for you. The development of an online quote system is currently underway. You have the choice to receive a quotation in price using multiple methods. You won’t be sorry for contacting our transmission company for your reconditioned gearbox needs in the U.S.

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