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Rebuilt Ford Ranger Transmission

The Ford Motor Company development in the 1980s produced one of its longest reigning truck designs in history. The 1982 launch of the Ranger using the Mazda engine set the pace for the remainder of the next 20 years in the U.S. auto market. Several types of gearboxes were used in the Ranger during its production period. Purchasing a rebuilt Ford Ranger transmission from this resource is simple. The price savings mixed with fast shipments help create the value customers seek online.

Some of the common builds in the Ranger are four and five-speed gearboxes. These range between 4R44E, 5R44E, A4LD, 4R70W, 4R55E and 5R55S. There are other models that were used or can be used in the Ranger although these are not rebuilt here. The most common builds are the 4R44E and 5R44E. These are some of the first electronic units that Ford used inside of the Ranger. Each production year for this light-duty truck series introduced an upgraded transmission. The low prices featured for this inventory for sale are available by request.

Ford Ranger Transmission: Automatic, Overdrive and Manual

The various builds in the Ford family helped to produce technologies aside from shifting patterns. The use of manual gearboxes is still common in trucks. The refurbished units placed into Ranger trucks from this inventory present the OEM quality essential for long-term usage period. Most Ranger gearboxes were automatic although some did feature the overdrive technology. The type of unit that a buyer requests has a lot to do with the year a truck was made. Not every Ford transmission was used year after year compared with other automakers.

Are remanufactured transmissions better than used? Different people have different answers to this question. Most of the time, when the right builders are used remanufactured is better. The reason being that the parts are reviewed, cleaned or changed out of they are in unacceptable condition. A rebuilt transmission that has pressure tested seals, validated oil and spin tests is just as good an a new build. What is provided with a Ranger transmissions for sale on this website is a full two-year warranty. These are unlimited mileage protection policies. These are offered as a hassle-free warranty program.

Rebuilt Ford Ranger Transmission Prices

Prices are always subject to change. It is for this reason that no price is presented online. The updated quotes form on this website is what is needed to generate the most recent price. A four or five-speed assembly in automatic or manual configuration is easy to quote in price here. Requesting prices after the year and make of each vehicle is selected is easy. Prices are automatically displayed here online. A contact system with a toll-free number option is also provided. Any person who prefers calling to receive transmission pricing has this option.