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Rebuilt Chevy Impala Transmissions for Sale

The Impala has enjoyed one of the longest production runs in history for the General Motors company. Apart from the performance of each motor, the transmissions used in these vehicles have always been consistent. Powertrain Pros provides rebuilt Chevy Impala transmissions for sale for a lot less money than GM authorized dealerships.

There are different editions of gearboxes used in the Impala. The early 1980s versions relied on the turbo hydramatic builds meant for use in Corvettes and other top brands. The 700R4 and the early three-speed editions were popular. The automatic builds for the impala consistently offer regular and electronic controlled styles. The reconditioned gearboxes found through this resource are in both configurations.

Replacing Transmissions for Chevy Impala Vehicles

One advantage that GM has over other automakers is the commitment to excellence. There have been more successful gearboxes produced under GM control than any other vehicle manufacturer in U.S. history. The 4L60E is one of the newest builds that uses the 700R4 technology. A change in part number does not mean these are incompatible with 1990s and later Impala vehicles.

Buying a gearbox for an Impala that was produced after 1996 is possible. The 4T65E and the HD editions were introduced after this time period. The brief retirement of the Impala helped GM create stronger transmissions for use. The updated 6T70 is the latest edition offering six-speed performance. The base four-speed automatic is one of the most requested editions in rebuilt condition that is sold through this resource.

How to Buy Chevy Impala Transmissions Rebuilt Online

Buying a gearbox for nearly any Chevy brand of vehicle takes little effort here. The V6 and V8 engine compatibility with the transmissions supplied here makes finding a replacement simple. A quotation tool is presented to every user of this website. It is through the usage of this tool that any reconditioned GM gearbox can be evaluated and quoted in price before purchase.

For buyers who prefer offline sale processing, a toll-free phone line is offered on a national level. Any consumer who is planning an immediate purchase of any in stock Impala gearbox can call to receive assistance. A three-year warranty is standard with all sales as well as generous freight charges. The troubles often involved with locating an above average transmission on the Internet that can withstand years of abuse are over.