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Rebuilt Chevy Colorado Transmission for Sale

GM built its mid-level pickup truck brand known as the Colorado in the 1994 year. This S10 replacement truck series is one that is still in production annually. As with more GM trucks, a series of engines and transmissions have been used together to provide value. Powertrain Pros provides the low pricing for rebuilt Chevy Colorado transmissions for sale not available on other websites.

Three basic gearboxes exist inside the Colorado truck brand. These are an automatic four-speed, five-speed manual and a manual six-speed. These units offer different technologies depending on the size of the motors that are used. Because GM uses different motors, it is important to learn the compatibility of each gearbox prior to acquiring one for replacement. The units sold on this website provide compatibility with the 2.5, 2.9, 2.9, 3.0 and larger motors.

Specs for Chevy Colorado Rebuilt Transmissions Online

The common automatic gearboxes for the Colorado are the 4L60E. This is the standard truck transmission for most GM produced vehicles. The electronic controls of this gearbox do offer four gears including reverse. The reconditioned versions for sale at are inspected and certified. This means that every unit meets or in some cases exceeds specs first published by General Motors.

There are two manual gearboxes used in Colorado pickup trucks. These are the New Venture Gear editions. The codes are 3500 and 4500 respectively. These units are outsourced versions and meant for use with the vehicles using more than the standard V6 engines. Most of the diesel and larger Vortec motors in the Colorado pickup trucks rely heavily on the NV transmissions.

How to Buy a Rebuilt Chevy Colorado Transmission for Sale

Buying through this Internet resource makes shopping simple for parts buyers. There is a lot to buying a replacement transmission that the average person must know. Buying in sheer confidence is the first step towards a long-term relationship with a motor vehicle transmission dealer. A quote for a Colorado transmission can be requested by using the one-button system on this page.

A review can be completed in real time for any price or three-year warranty supplied with every rebuilt transmission. The General Motors reconditioned inventory that is positioned for public sale on this website is shipped across the USA. The Powertrain Pros team are available by phone should a person be ready to order a replacement gearbox. All questions related to remanufactured Colorado transmissions can be submitted over the phone.

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