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Rebuilt Cadillac Transmissions

The luxury builds offered in Cadillac vehicles are known for global quality. General Motors isn’t the top automaker in the world just by chance. When seeking a replacement transmission, you have a lot of decisions to make. The price should never be your deciding factor when researching a unit for sale. You can trust in our rebuilt Cadillac transmissions that you’re getting more than a good deal. Our Michigan company networks with top auto distributors to get the best of the best assemblies.

Do you know how to read a transmission tag? Some car owners struggle with understanding automaker codes. Our website and phone systems are setup to help you find the replacement gearbox you can’t find in your local area. You can have almost any type of Cadillac and we’ll provide the remanufactured transmission for you. Vehicle brands such as CTS, Escalade, DTS, Seville, Catera, Eldorado and Allante are found for sale here. Many vehicles use the larger 4T80E transmission.

Warranty Coverage for Rebuilt Transmissions

Do you have a local mechanic? Some people do and some people do not. Many of our customers represent salvage companies and junkyards. These are the sources that most vehicle owners use to locate a suitable gearbox online. The type of warranty is important that you find attached with a unit for sale. A coverage plan of less than one year is usually the typical type of warranty that most companies provide. The Powertrain Pros company offers a 24-month plan of coverage with each sale.

We’ve invested into a facility to engineer each gearbox to OEM standards. This means that all transmission tags here validate our rebuilding efforts. The five-speed and four-speed assemblies that we’re known for rebuilding are just as good as a new unit. No company can erase the mileage, but we offer the next best thing to a new GM assembly. The rebuilt editions for manual and automatic transmission assemblies that are featured here give the value that all luxury vehicle owners depend on in their vehicles.

Rebuilt Cadillac Transmissions Quotes

Learning how much you’ll pay for a gearbox should be the last piece of information you get from a dealer. This is why we’ve saved it for last. The quality, mileage, condition and rebuilding work that is attached with a unit is always important. To get our super low prices, call our specialists right now by phone. We pay for the call. We even take as much time as you need to help you. We provide complete support before and after a sale is processed. The luxury transmission units that we’re offered give all vehicles a great lifespan. Don’t be afraid to request a price quote here online using our contact system.