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Rebuilt Buick Transmissions

The Legacy of the Buick continues to live on with great parts available for installation. The transmission used inside of each Buick motor vehicle exhibits true GM quality. The rebuilt Buick transmissions that are sold online are not all equal. The units that we’re now building for the public adhere to all of the expectations that buyers have. Our tagged GM transmissions for sale all feature the OEM quality expected.

There were many types of transmissions used when the Buick vehicles were in production. Most of these were used with the four-speed and five-speed compatible vehicles. The most common four-cylinder and six-cylinder engine types were compatible with the standard edition units. You’ll find right inside of our inventory a range of different gearboxes for Buick vehicles. You’ll find assemblies such as 200R4, ST300, 4T40E and 700R4.

Low Mileage Rebuilt Buick Transmission for Sale

Low mileage to one dealer might be different to another dealer. There are plenty of used transmissions that are sold by auction companies online that have well over 100,000 miles. When you have a resource that has great units, you know you’re dealing with a pro company. The remanufactured GM transmissions that we’re featuring in the Buick lineup are something special. These are low mileage units that fit perfectly with all GM engines.

The reduction in mileage doesn’t always mean high quality. There are plenty of transmission assemblies that fail at 20,000 miles. The care that a previous owner puts into a gearbox is evident when the rebuilding process begins. Our team of rebuilders gets to work building all gearboxes from the ground up. The torque converters included with each automatic transmission are reliable. These Buick units are available for vehicles such as Century, Riviera, Electra, Park Avenue, Skylark, Rainier, Rendezvous and the Le Sabre.

Rebuilt Buick Transmissions Price Quote

You can search all day online and still come up short when comparing pricing between rebuilding companies. If you’re tired of buying used, getting your hands on a rebuilt gearbox is the key. Our reconditioned units are all quoted right here online or by toll-free telephone number. Let our expert staff match your Buick VIN number with our internal system. You don’t need to give us transmission codes. Give us the size of your engine, year and make of a Buick vehicle. We’ll do the rest. Low prices for reconditioned transmissions are our specialty here.