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Rebuilt AX5 Transmission

AX5 is one of the builds used by the Chrysler company for its Jeep division. The Aisin Warner company built the OEM models that were used in the Wrangler starting in the 1984 year. The majority of the units were manual configurations that were meant to be used with the AMC 2.5 motors. Any buyer hoping to locate a good deal on these transmissions can find a rebuilt AX5 transmission on this Powertrain Pros resource.

The actual production of the AX5 was from 1984 until the 2006 year. While late model builds do not heavily feature this build, many of the transmissions found in early 1990s vehicles are fitted with the AX5. There were different motors designed for use with this build. The 2.1, 2.5, 2.8 and later 5.3 motors were configured to use the five-speed gearing this transmission provides. Buying an AX5 replacement gearbox that is rebuilt exactly to OEM specs can be a challenge online. The units in stock here are meant to help buyers make the right decision.

Remanufactured Manual Jeep Transmissions

One of the benefits of the manual gearboxes is the absence of the torque converter. While these are common in automatic builds, the manual systems are setup to function differently. The stick shift based controls to modify the gear ratios get help from the synchronizer. All rebuilding jobs performed here include taking a look at the bearings, seals and the operation of the synchronizer. Each build is meant to rival an OEM produced build in the Chrysler and General Motors families.

The use of the AX5 gearbox in the YJ and TJ series Jeep vehicles set the pace for production in the XJ Cherokee editions. The short lived Jeep Comanche pickup truck featured this gearbox until the 1992 year. The remanufactured Jeep transmissions found through the Powertrain Pros company is top quality. The quality is so high that a two-year warranty plan is enabled with each purchase. What this means for buyers is that each purchase is guaranteed against failures. The most common problems found with used condition units revolves around parts degradation. All parts applied here are trusted builds.

Rebuilt AX5 Transmission for Sale

Price quotes are a standard practice on this website. Each quote is price involves a single-step process here. Any request can be put through the online system in place for quotes distribution here. This means that any authentic Chrysler gearbox requested here can be discovered in price online. The tools that are provided help any person to find out the selling price with one click of a mouse. A customer support number is now enacted to offer offline support for price quotes or other information. All quotes for pricing include shipment information and warranty details. Buyers never pay too much for a rebuilt Jeep transmission here.