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Rebuilt A44D Transmission for Sale

The A44D is an automatic transmission in Toyota vehicles. The 4Runner used this assembly in 1989, 1990 and 1991. It was built through a partnership with Aisin. It is a four-speed build that features a lock-up torque converter. It is one of the few units that does not have electronic controls like a TCM installed. You can buy a rebuilt A44D transmission for sale here at Powertrain Pros.

2.4-Liter 2WD Compatible

The 22RE and similar motors were the ones paired with the smaller four-gear transmissions at Toyota. The first generation of vehicle production consisted of a number of shifting changes. Toyota tried a few new things although some of them were not accepted by consumers. The restored A transmission from Toyota that we sell takes 6.9 quarts of oil.

You can go to a local county junk yard and buy a used 4Runner transmission, but the quality might be bad. These are usually full of problems with rust, bad hoses and operational problems. Going with the reconditioned assemblies will ensure a longer life pattern when in use.

Rebuilding the A44D Gearbox

We go through a special procedure in our shop. It all begins be evaluating what we need to accomplish. At the very least, a tear down is the first step and then steam cleaning parts. We closely inspect the condition of OEM Toyota parts. We look for things like aftermarket additions and small defects. If any are found, these are corrected before reassembly.

The next phase involves a test for compression. We have to know if something will leak. Fluid leaks and lack of lubrication will kill most older transmission assemblies. The gears need to be checked and the torque converter must be operational. All products are stored dry. You must add your own fluid.

Remanufactured Toyota A44D Sale

We have sale prices ongoing here. We are the originator. What we have is not bought and then resold. We put our own pricing on the units people buy. We know what we can discount heavily and what we cannot. Our model is easy to understand. Just treat people right and they give you repeat business.

Quotes in price or a direct order can happen on this page. You will have to request a calculated price using our quotation computer. You will need to know your model year and the size of the engine. This makes sure we quote the best prices. The next step is to pay for your refurbished transmission in whatever method you decide.