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Rebuilt 700r4 Transmissions for Sale | Super Low Price

700R4 Rebuilt for SaleGeneral Motors developed the 700R4 series gearboxes for use with the 1982 Corvette. These editions were derivatives of the classic turbo hydra-matic builds used since the 1960s. It is possible to purchase post 1980 units in rebuilt condition from respected dealers. The Powertrain Pros company is one resource offering discounts for rebuilt 700R4 transmissions for sale for U.S. orders.

GM constructed its four-speed 700R4 series for use in more than one performance vehicle. These gearboxes are one of the few in automotive history that have been updated every few years. The overdrive capacity of the turbo hydra-matic was one of the competitors to the Ford AOD during the 1980s. The sister edition of the 700R4 is the 200R4 built for use in smaller GM produced vehicles.

2WD and 4WD Rebuilt General Motors Transmissions

There is more to the size of the tail shaft when determining what type of gearbox is needed for replacement. Identifying a GM transmission is easy once a few key identifiers are used. Replacing a high mileage 700R4 is possible at a low cost. The good part about the construction of this unit is the consistent upgrades that have been added. The name change in 1993 to the 4L60 series made it easier to identify the base level gearboxes. sells all of the builds that have been released through the past three decades by GM. Because the 700R4 four-speed gearboxes work with multiple cars, it is relatively simple to locate an exact match. Apart from the unique number system, any person purchasing a transmission replacement can use this created list of GM produced vehicles as a reference. Builds for the following vehicles can be purchased here:

  • Chevy Corvette
  • Chevy Impala
  • Buick Roadmaster
  • Chevy C/K Truck
  • GMC Yukon
  • Hummer H2
  • Pontiac GTO
  • Chevy Astro Van
  • Chevrolet Blazer
  • Chevy Vans
  • Cadillac Escalade
  • Holden Vehicles
  • Cadillac Fleetwood
  • Pontiac Firebird
  • GMC Jimmy
  • Chevy Trailblazer
  • Chevy Avalanche
  • Chevy Camaro
  • Buick Rainier
  • GMC Canyon
  • Oldsmobile 350
  • GMC Syclone
  • Chevy Caprice
  • Chevy Trailblazer
  • GMC S15 Truck
  • GMC Sonoma

Rebuilt 4L60E Variants of 700R4 for Sale

The change to using a variable speed sensor happened in the 1993 year. The entrance of using electronic components to modify the 700R4 gearboxes helped take GM into the 21st century. The electronic controlled editions known as the 4L60E for late models vehicles can be purchased easily through this resource. These units as well as the non-electronic 4L60 are available for immediate sale and shipment within the United States.

One issue that General Motors corrected with the issuance of the 700R4 design is the shifting problems. Early versions of overdrive transmissions did encounter issues. These were corrected and one of the reasons why the 700 series is known as one of the best gearboxes created in the 20th century. All remanufactured GM transmissions sold through this resource come with a full warranty at point of purchase.

How to Order 700R4 Rebuilt Transmissions for Sale

There are two convenient ways of ordering gearboxes listed on this Internet resource. These have been created for all consumers to benefit. The easiest method for online shoppers is to generate a transmission price quote. This makes it easy to review prices and compare rates with other rebuilding companies. The complete tool that is showcased on this page handles all requests for pricing. Entering some basic vehicle information will always produce the best quotes in price.

The phone quotation method still works for many consumers. Purchasing rebuilt General Motors gearboxes on the Internet is equally easy with personal assistance. A talented rebuilding specialist fields every call to the toll-free phone line at Powertrain Pros. Speaking with an expert will ensure that no mistakes are made in the ordering process. Asking questions about transmission fluid, codes or VIN numbers is expected. Ordering reconditioned 700R4 gearboxes is nearly effortless by phone.

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