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Rebuilt 5L50E Transmission for Sale

GM announced its 5L50E transmission in the year 2004. This was meant to be used strictly inside of Cadillac vehicles. It is the big brother of the 5L40E units. The difference between the models is the 5-speed was built for 5000-pound gross vehicle weight automobiles. Like most automatic assemblies it is controlled by electronics. Buy a rebuilt 5L50E transmission cheap here.

Factory Built to GM Specs

The gear ratio is basic on the 5-speed versions. The luxury class of automobiles that are marketed by or under contract with General Motors received the 5L50E assemblies. Since there is a computer inside, the use of solenoids is a must. GM installs packs of these to control the on/off pattern that dictates gearing.

Powertrain Pros is a leading rebuilding company in the Midwest. We know our stuff when it comes to reproducing gearboxes for sale. Our team finds the best condition models that are used and turns these into a fully functional version.

Cars Using 5L50E Gearboxes

Only a few of the automobiles produced in the 2004 through 2006 production years made use of the E-series 5-gear units. These were not meant to takeover for the 6R editions that were also available at the time. Someone who will purchase our inventory will find that it supports the following car types:

– X5

Some adults choose to invest in upgrade kits or third-party coolers to fix up a defective 5L50E. This is OK, but it is not as good as a truly remanufactured transmission.

5-Speed Transmission Warranty Term

It is in the best interest of our customers if a warranty is supplied at the point of purchase. We apply the OEM parts as part of our refurbishing job. The coverage term for these components is based on the manufacturer time frame. We honor all of the policies to extend the life span of our reman stock.

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