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Rebuilt 4T80E Transmission

The 4T80E is the official transmission replacement for the outdated turbo hydra-matic 125. GM started producing this model in the 1993 year. These gearboxes are still quite popular because these are automatic and easy to replace. All transverse 4-speed inventory that is posted on this page is remanufactured. A person will find it easy to buy a rebuilt 4T80E transmission here.

Compatibility with a V8 is one of the strong points of the 4T80 series. Regardless of the electronic controls, GM knew that luxury car owners would expect more out of a technologically advanced transmission. The debut in the Cadillac brand helped document the foundation of success for the 4-speed series from 1993 to 2011.

MH1 Rebuilt GM Transmissions

The first edition of the 4T80E made use of a torque converter clutch. This older technology has been updated to include more electronic controls. Use in Cadillac brands offered better shifting abilities until the emergence of the 6T70 series.

V8 compatible transmissions for the Buick, Oldsmobile and Pontiac brands was settled with the 4L80. Due to the electronic controls, a smoother operation was provided. When buying any replacement gearbox in GM builds, a person should perform a little bit of research to make sure that the right model is selected. There are 2 different builds of the 4T series available.

When a gearbox is rebuilt, quality can differ depending on the company doing the building. There were some OEM problems with the 4-speed automatics built by GM during the regular production years. A builder who understands what to look for can make sure that a buyer is not plagued with common failures.

Tested 4L80E Automatic Transmission

While a warranty helps, it is mechanical and digital testing that make a huge difference. Since leaks are one problem, a series of compression tests can be applied to any GM gearbox. This ensures that a good seal is present and no fluid will be drained prematurely. A General Motors vehicle that has been sitting for along period of time can be prone to leaks.

Inside every 4L80E gearbox, a series of shift solenoids are present. These can fail causing lockup or stalling during shifting. The rebuilt inventory on this page has been tested for these issues. An expert handles each building task and compares functionality to a new assembly. Only the best units are then offered for public sale.

Low Cost GM 4L80E Transmissions for Sale

The difference between a remanufactured and preowned transmission is usually the useful life. Buying a reconditioned assembly from a trusted shop is critical. The acknowledgement of a long-term warranty through the inventory on this page is a good first start for most parts buyers.

The certification and testing that has already taken place usually seals the deal for people. A person who is ready to order can easily do so on this website or through calling the customer service number listed.