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Rebuilt 4T65E Transmission

The transverse engineering is one of the concepts added by General Motors for all of its vehicle brands to benefit. How much does the average vehicle owner know about a 4T65E transmission? Probably not too much. Most people are forced to research a replacement transmission when slipping or other problems happen. Powertrain Pros has been offering the rebuilt 4T65E transmission for decades. If you haven’t shopped here yet, take a look around through our wholesale pricing.

The Chevrolet part of the GM company gets a lot of the glory in the auto world. Some of the most used four-cylinder gearboxes are in Chevy vehicles. The 4T65E is one of many that has been produced for the Buick, Pontiac and other brands under the GM moniker. The 1997 introduction of this gearbox in the U.S. market helped GM to literally shift in a new direction. We’re able to provide near wholesale transmission pricing for the E-Series transmissions that we’re offering online.

4T65E Transmission with a Two-Year Warranty

Do auction sellers offer warranties? Most of them do not. There is a small percentage of used transmission sellers online providing GM products with a short-term warranty. We’ve made the GM series gearboxes we sell a little better with a warranty extension. Any person who invests into a four-speed transmission replacement with our company gets the benefit of a two-year warranty. These are automatically attached with all sales made here. What’s even better is the unlimited mileage protection.

A quality transmission does not have issues like a used one can. There are no PCS issues in our gearboxes. Our team knows and understands General Motors transmission technologies. There are no failures or faults in each refurbished unit sold. The slippage problems that might plague a transmission that has not been serviced are removed when you buy rebuilt. You can easily install the remanufactured 4T65E transmission we sell inside a Bonneville, Malibu, Impala or the now defunct Oldsmobile models.

Rebuilt 4T65E Transmission Wholesale Quotes

We have one price for our customers. This price is at or very near wholesale. We have the luxury of buying direct and saving customers money. We’re based in Michigan and deal only with companies in the OEM auto industry. The gearbox quotes that we give out here online and through of customer service line are accurate. We include the warranty coverage and shipment information inside each quotation we give out to buyers. Take the time and contact us right now to get your special wholesale price.