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Rebuilt 4R75E Transmission

Ford introduced its 4R75E gearbox in 2003 as part of its extension of overdrive units. Better throttle technologies were included in the new model. The pulse system that Ford Motor Company is now using its what makes the electronic system work better. Someone browsing where to buy rebuilt 4R75W transmission inventory will find good price levels here.

The 4-speed reverse mounted gearboxes are most often found in performance vehicles. The Mustang is one example that uses the 4R75E editions. Ford normally pairs its Triton 5.4 motor up with gearboxes that can handle the extra torque. This means that an Explorer, Expedition and E-Series van are usually equipped with the 4R75 units.

4R75E Transmissions with Torque Converters

Ford made good progress when updating its 4R70W series. A higher range torque converter was installed for the 4R75E. A different hydraulic pump was also used in order to increase the level of performance in larger motors. When someone buys a replacement gearbox from a web dealer, a torque converter might not be included.

The company is one of the builders that always includes a powerful torque converter will every gearbox. This not only supplies power to the unit, but it eases the mind of a consumer who does not want to add a converter. Some people use synthetic fluid with the 4-speed Ford transmissions to be in line with organic compounds.

If high mileage is a concern, someone buying a reconditioned assembly for the first time should not worry. Ford does make great transmissions. The reason why many people appreciate these units is because they are easier to swap. Unlike large GM brands, the reverse mounted Ford units can be dropped without much effort.

Tested 4R75E Replacement Transmission

A warranty is always offered with a rebuilt assembly here. While this is good enough for most purchasers, some people are still uneasy about anything that is custom built. To satisfy all buyers, tests are performed on every piece of inventory for sale. What this does is proves that the building process was successful. It also prevents a person from having to struggle with a problem if an error happens.

Through digital and pressure tests, a lot can be learned about a replacement Ford gearbox. The experienced builders at know what to do when updating a high mileage unit. Since mileage can never be removed, adding as many safe guards as possible is crucial.

Buy Affordable Automatic Ford Transmissions

Any inventory not displayed on this website can be reviewed by calling the toll-free number on this page. Some models in stock have recently been added while others are consumer favorites. To research what is available, a person can even submit a request to review price data right here. Taking the year and model into consideration, a person will know how much it costs to replace a Ford 4R75E in just a couple of clicks.