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Rebuilt 4L80E Transmission

The Turbo Hydramatic base first built in the 1960s served most GM transmission needs for decades. This mechanical technology helped to offer shifting patterns for four-speed engines. The 1991 year was the upgrade year for the 4L65E series. The inclusion of the electronically controlled 4L80E helped to further the longitudinal success of General Motors transmissions. What you can find here online is a perfectly rebuilt 4L80E transmission unit for sale.

The E-Series transmissions introduced more than 20 years ago are still manufactured in Michigan. These are among the few that are not outsourced in the auto industry. The C/K truck brands as well as the SUV builds often feature the 4L80E in its upgraded state. Most replacement gearboxes that can be found in this configuration online are in used condition. While there is nothing wrong with a used unit, the life span is often much shorter. What you’re buying here online is the closest unit you can get to an actual OEM purchase from a GM dealer.

4L80E Transmissions with a Warranty

Covering your tranny when things go bad is important to our company. We know that OEM parts could fail after you’ve owned a transmission for a while. The best Chevy engineers would likely tell you the same. You do have options when it comes to working with a company that can fulfill your transmission needs. Our two-year protection warranties are offered to you at no cost. When you buy a rebuilt transmission, we automatically attach an unlimited mileage warranty.

How much does it cost to rebuild a transmission? The actual costs can vary. The condition of the block, condition of springs, couplers or other working parts matters too. The rebuilding practices that are initiated inside our facility are professional. We’re one of few rebuilding companies that offer genuine builds for a true wholesale price. This means that any electronic automatic Chevy transmission is the best it can be here.

4L80E Transmission Online Price Quotes

We take care of you when you buy here. You can choose any four-speed or higher gearbox inside our inventory. You get the same treatment. The remanufactured gearbox inventory that is added for sale here online does two things for you. The first is that you’re introduced to our low pricing. You can find this pricing when you call into our company. We give you a toll-free number. The second thing is that you’ll never need to shop elsewhere on the Internet for rebuilt Chevy transmissions for sale. Powertrain Pros is your new partner.