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Rebuilt 4L30E Transmission for Sale

GM had its 4L30E transmissions built in France. These 4-speed assemblies were in use to power many motor vehicles. The start of production was 1991, and the final gearbox rolled off the line in 2001. This decade long manufacturing process promoted the stability of the 4-gear editions. Buy a rebuilt 4L30E transmission using our e-commerce website.

Specs of the 4L30E

Similar to most smaller transmissions, a lock-up clutch and a torque converter was a standard OEM installation. Overdrive is available as well as a number of separate clutches. A low sprag clutch and numerous brake bands were common on the 4L transmissions.

There are solenoid packs installed on all “E” labeled units. This is to alert all people that computer controls are the primary way shifting instructions are passed on. Controlling the unit in this manner has become a General Motors standard.

Vehicles Using 4L30E Transmissions

On the GM side of installations, there were only a few automobiles that actually had the 4-gear models. A co-partnership with Isuzu debuted the 4L30E in a lot of different markets.

A potential buyer hoping to find the best reman assemblies on the Internet will find compatibility with these vehicles:

– Trooper
– Rodeo
– Catera

The 4L was also installed in BMW, Acura, Honda and Opel vehicles. Due to its small size and engine compatibility, it was in demand until the early 2000s when it was dropped for the 5L40E.

Top Notch Parts Warranty

Powertrain Pros handles all of its own rebuilding. The machinery, employees and shipping services are all state-of-the-art. This leaves little doubt that what is presented to the public is the best that it can possibly be. Our freight forwarding makes it easy to get units inside the United States or in Canada.

A complete warranty program is what all buyers receive. We know it is impossible to get a good plan through a used parts reseller. We extend the term of protection to a sizable time frame. This allows people to get the most out of their swap.

Prices for Refurbished 4L30E Gearboxes

A web-based quote or a phone quote represents the two top ways that people find out about our prices. There are even body shops, service centers and resellers that use our warehouse search tool. We are competitive. Our company understands the marketplace. There are few quality rebuilding shops around. We have the market cornered.

Call our support number to speak with us. We do not rush people off of the phone. Answers are given in detail. Our team knows the mileage and can relay that data to a potential customer.