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RE4F04V Transmission Rebuilt

The Nissan RE4F04V is a transmission co-developed by Jatco. It is a four-speed unit that is equipped for FWD. It features electronic controls although it some some hydraulic control sets. It has a total of five shift solenoid valves inside. Powertrain Pros supplies the RE4F04V transmission rebuilt to customers across North America.

Cars Using the 4-Speed RE4F04V

Import motor vehicles that are sold through luxury dealerships are hard to match parts for in some areas. When something is out of stock, it can hold up the repair schedule. It can be hard to piece together a non-functional transmission due to these parts shortages.

There are known vehicles in the Nissan lineup that promote the electronic four-speed gearboxes. The following vehicles can accept the RE4F04V transmission:

– Maxima
– Quest
– Altima

A limited slip differential is standard on this automatic assembly. It is known as a VLSD. Our team works hard to restore the second hand versions we receive. A full service rebuild is provided for all of the imported automotive gearboxes that are retailed on this website.

Rebuilt Nissan Transmission Warranty

The pressure plates, bands, washers, bearings, friction plates and rings are all cleaned and changed in the restoration process. Our facility is massive. We have acquired the same tools used in automotive engineering facilities. To say that we know a gearbox inside and out is true. We only hire people with experience who will continue building our reputation.

When it comes to a warranty plan, people always get one here. In the simplest explanations, we cover our work. All disassembled and reassembled units are covered. The time after an installation is completed is what really counts. People who put a unit through its paces should not have any breakdown issues.

Buy Recycled Nissan RE4F04V

To find the plate code, check by the firewall in your Nissan vehicle. The automatic unit should have a tag or stamp that tells you what it is. You must make sure that you are ordering the right version. There are some differences in the last digits. We can help you get what you need from our company.
Go into our price estimator system and pull out your discount price. All of what is retailed is priced in the same way on this portal. If for some reason our system goes down, give us a call by our service number. We can talk about mileage, how to arrange shipping and anything else. As far as payments go, we will work with you to accept all payment methods.