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Powershift Transmission Rebuilt

The development of the dual-clutch transmission is one that Ford has capitalized on since the year 2008. By creating its joint venture Powershift assemblies, more vehicle owners have been able to benefit from a direct increase in gas mileage. Because quality matters when buying any replacement gearbox, every Powershift transmission rebuilt at this website is a superior build at a low price.

Apart from its sale of Volvo in 2010, Ford Motor Company used its dual-clutch gearboxes in many types of Volvo C-series vehicles. These automatic editions were built to outlast the standard types of gearboxes that rely on too many electrical components for regular operation. A person who experiences what is known as a rough start with a high mileage gearbox could benefit from a reconditioned replacement.

How the 6-Speed Powershift Works

Instead of the regular gear ratios used in most automatic gearboxes, the Powershift by Ford uses an alternating combination for the clutch mechanism. The even and odd numbered gears are handled separately. This is known as a dry clutch configuration. This reduces the load on the components while not affecting what horsepower is achieved during mobilization.

The authentic Ford and Getrag 6-speed gearboxes that are listed for public sale right on this website are all remanufactured. What this means to a person who has little experience buying auto parts online is a huge difference in quality. While some car owners put their complete faith in cheap used gearboxes, the overall quality is generally lower because the lifespan cannot be determined.

Powershift Transmission Problems

While some automakers struggle to please every consumer, Ford and its licensed subsidiary brands have a good reputation. While there are some glitches that have been worked out in the Powershift brand, there are no notable problems that can prevent someone from achieving a good cycle of use out of the 6-speed automatic versions. Because assemblies at the Powertrain Pros company are rebuilt, any OEM parts issue is instantly fixed.

Due to the latest feats in digital testing, even the smallest problems that could be presented are corrected in a standard rebuild. From dyno testing to full compression reports, all refurbished Ford Motor Company gearboxes for sale at this resource give consumers the quality that is only rivaled by OEM installs.

Best Rebuilt Powershift Transmission Prices

Aside from the large inventory and national shipments, what customers of this website receive is a long-term relationship to find good quality car, truck, van and SUV transmissions. The sale pricing that is announced regularly at this company gives everyone a chance to save extra money on repair expenses.

There is an advantage of using Powertrain Pros to find out the true cost to swap a defective and high mileage transmission. A real price is displayed on this website and a chance to buy is offered to every person who requests remanufactured 6-speed Powershift gearbox quotes. A complete multi-year warranty is always free of charge.