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Muncie Transmission for Sale

Manual transmissions are not just a thing of the past. These units still provide a lot of use to vehicle owners. General Motors developed its Muncie transmission in the 1960s for immediate use as a top 4-speed unit. The Syncro Mesh technologies that were introduced in this system helped coin the term Muncie MS465. You can find a reliable Muncie transmission for sale right here online. This means no additional searching around online to locate the replacement you need.

The Muncie gearbox has been a part of hundreds of vehicle installations. The 1968 year was the actual year of introduction in the U.S. market. This transmission has been built in other designs although the pickup truck series is most common. You could find these pretty easily through the 1991 year. If you own a worn out Muncie gearbox, it might be time to start replacing your unit with a reconditioned one. Our team provides one of the best values for authentic GM gearboxes.

Muncie 4 Speed Gearbox Including Warranty Coverage

We’re an automotive rebuilder. We know that consumers often ask if warranties come with our products. Unlike auto parts auction companies, we’re able to supply a warranty with our work. Every remanufactured Muncie gearbox follows GM specs for quality. You’re not buying a brand new unit and spending thousands of dollars. What we sell is one that is reconditioned properly. These include our two-year warranty programs.

Setting up your Muncie SM465 installation is easy with each unit. If you have an SM420, SM422 or other type, the process of installation is the same. It takes a perfectly working gearbox to get you the results you hope to find in an install. It does not matter if you use a professional or do the installation by yourself. You still need access to a great remanufactured unit designed to provide reliability. You can feel confident buying each authentic GM transmission for sale here online.

Muncie Transmission for Sale Price Quote

Good things happen when you have a discount resource to use. The Powertrain Pros discount structure is setup for instant savings. Our prices are wholesale on most units. There are no retail markups applied above our actual rebuilding costs. Getting a good deal for a replacement Muncie gearbox is possible. Quotes for these units can be obtained by filling out the quote form online. If you’d rather call, let us speak with you by phone and distribute our prices. We want you to be happy with an excellent gearbox for your vehicle or for resale.