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Lansing, MI Rebuilt Transmissions

Who rebuilds transmissions in Lansing, MI? People using a search engine generally ask this type of question. A reconditioned assembly is in no way comparable to a preowned build. There is an entirely different procedure that must be completed when someone breaks down the gearing assembly. People who appreciate buying something locally order rebuilt transmissions shipped to Lansing, MI here at

The Northwest Detroit area is not known for its transmission service centers. This leaves a major gap in the industry for auto mechanics and the general public. There are plenty of junk yards though that are willing to sell a rusted gearbox for a cheap price. Someone who is only now reviewing the options for recycled automotive parts should know how to select a rebuilder.

What Local Gearbox Rebuilders Offer

There are advertisements nationally for reconditioned GM, Ford or Chrysler gearboxes that are in top industry trade publications. These are usually for companies that are not even located in the state of Michigan. Most of the businesses are shell companies that resell the services of the actual rebuilding facility. A local rebuilder is usually best for several reasons. The first being if a problem happens it can be solved faster.

The second reason is that parts need to be applied back to a gearbox assembly to build the unit. These parts usually are purchased from Lansing companies or other parts of Michigan. This stimulates the economy to keep shops open for business. The third reason that buying rebuilt transmissions on the local level is a benefit involves warranty practices.

When something is covered for the duration of a warranty, the parts should be easier to install. It is not always cost effect to pay for shipping to a West Coast or East Coast supplier. By staying in the local area, transmission service if needed is usually less expensive.

Road Tested Automatic Transmissions

Did you know some rebuilders never drop a gearbox into a vehicle for testing? Not every company fills up the assembly with fluid to perform pressure testing. Gears can be lubricated although this is not a guarantee that something is not wrong. Getting service for an automatic transmission in Lansing, MI might not be the cheapest option. Sometimes an assembly cannot be restored without rebuilding it completely.

Powertrain Pros does rebuild and ship restored assemblies to all parts of Michigan including Lansing. How much does it cost to rebuild a transmission? Each person who takes interest in the price structure is offered a written quote. The price is usually more than fair and can be lower than some national shops. Ordering can take place on this website or through the phone number listed.