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GM remains the largest automaker in the North American market partly due to the quality of internal vehicle parts. The demand for General Motors vehicles grows annually and the transmission is one of the most sophisticated portions of GM vehicles. All GM transmissions rebuilt from Powertrain Pros offers more than a low price. The gearboxes that are featured on this website are built according to the specs required for all OEM products.

The transmissions in production before the year 1980 were normally manual. This means that no electronic controls were provided and drivers were manually changing gear ratios. GM still participates in the production of standard edition transmission units although newer types are now more popular. Most of the additions that are found on this website are mixed between automatic and manual units. The year of production has a lot to do with the different transmissions available. Not all units are found as complete assemblies from used condition retailers.

GM Transmissions for Sale: Automatic or Manual

The turbo Hydra-matic gearboxes produced from 1980 to 1992 were based on the original GM designs used in the 1960s. The units that are found on this resource include many of the popular gearboxes found in trucks, SUVs and passenger cars. The 700R4 is considered a workhorse in the GM lineup due to the amount of vehicles using this unit. This four-speed automatic gearbox was used mostly until the 1990s when transmission codes were changed. The older TH series gearboxes were changed to 4L types.

Additional automatic General Motors gearboxes featured from the inventory includes 4L60E, 4L65E, 4L80E, 4L85E and newer units that include six-speed designs. There are standard edition units mixed in with the inventory listed in the company warehouse. What matters most to buyers is the quality and compatibility with vehicles. All original GM gearboxes for sale on this website are compatible with all listed vehicles. The remanufacturing processes used here does not interfere with the original designs.

GM Transmissions Rebuilt Price Quotes

Every authentic GM gearbox rebuilt through this resource is quoted for pricing before sales are complete. This quotation process allows every consumer to view prices, shipment and warranty information prior to sale. All gearboxes that are shipped in the U.S. receive the standard two-year policy coverage. These policies include unlimited mileage during the entire phase of warranty protection. This is one assurance measure that most companies selling used condition units do not offer.

Quotes for pricing can be immediately generated using the form on this page. This digitized form asks basic questions about vehicle year and engine types. This information is used to configure the exact remanufactured transmission pricing offered. Buyers not able to use this online system can continue calling the company toll-free number available. This method provides specialists able to answer transmission questions or offer additional information. The Powertrain Pros company is currently one of the largest resources for General Motors powertrain products in the USA.

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