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FX35 Transmission Rebuilt for Sale

The FX35 transmission can be rebuilt. In fact, we do it all the time. People who purchase used gearboxes can often run into a problem later. Making the internal components function just like they are new is the point of refurbishing. If you own a luxury vehicle, you already know the price of aftermarket auto parts. You can buy an FX35 transmission rebuilt directly from our website.

FX35 Gearbox Specs

Jatco and Nissan worked together on the production of the 5-speed automatic. There are two different part numbers that might confuse a person. The original JR507E is not used in any official Nissan Motor Company documentation. An OEM number of RE5R05A is how we designate the unit. It was used alongside the 3.5 V6 engines

The first manufacturing date was the year 2003. It was designed for moderate use. The assembly was later phased out in the year 2008. Units are still available to order because they are restored to the factory functionality. All of the late model builds feature the TCM right inside of the transmission.

Complete RE5R05A Rebuild

When we restore a unit, we take it apart and check all components. This means making sure the brake bands and pressure solenoids are operating normally. A good cleaning will make any preowned unit look pretty good again. Since this process is performed by hand, it is meant to last for a long time. Excessive grease and surface rust is removed. You can easily buy an FX35 transmission for sale on this PTP website.

Powertrain Pros has one of the longest warranty plans in the industry. This applies to all of the remanufactured Nissan transmission products that we retail. Consumers get the best coverage. We know from our own experience that this means a lot. People never worry about failures after a smooth installation.

Restored FX35 Nissan Transmission

The Q series cars from Infiniti can accept the recycled RE5R05A gearboxes found here. There are other applications too. Mechanics and automotive service centers might know what to buy. For the average person, checking compatibility could be an issue. Feel free to give us a call on our phone number. Our associates are import auto parts specialists.

A price can be acquired by using our website. When it comes to order processing, we accept credit cards and other payment forms. We only ship by FedEx. This makes it easy for the little guy who does not own a huge repair center to accept deliveries. Try PTP today.